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commonly in a sentence

91. X-rays are most commonly used;

92. Alcohol is commonly forbidden.

93. are commonly cut as cabochons.

94. Commonly mentioned are ghouls.

95. conveyed a commonly held view.

96. Wasps commonly consume larvae.

97. Known commonly as Slayer Keep.

98. They are commonly porphyritic.

99. Aguardiente was commonly used.

100. Papua most commonly refers to:

101. Diana most commonly refers to:

102. Nausea is commonly associated.

103. Codeine is more commonly used;

104. Commonly the cause is unknown.

105. It is commonly seen in anemia.

106. Captives commonly are heavier.

107. Metal salts are commonly used;

108. (Commonly known as "Jams Vol."

109. The commonly known types are:

110. Known commonly as grassworts.

111. commonly abbreviated as UPSI;

112. commonly abbreviated to GSAs.

113. High heels are commonly worn.

114. Thuravoor commonly refers to:

115. Commonly known as verginatum.

116. Not commonly used in society.

117. It is also not commonly used.

118. They commonly use caricature.

119. the ones commonly sung today.

120. they commonly found in India.