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No. sentence
1 For instance, not allowing additional functionality to be incorporated in the final build should be commonly agreed.
2 White is commonly associated with purity and perfection.
3 everyone’s life there is at least one love story, so is it any wonder that love is most commonly an inexhaustible subject of art works, whether written, composed or painted.
4 Among the organs most commonly transplanted are the heart, kidneys, lungs, livers, pancreas, small bowel and cornea.
5 Today, the most commonly transplanted organs are the kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, pancreas, and intestines.
6 The next section provides sample statements for commonly requested queries in the area of volume and response information.
7 They are commonly abused by teenagers because they are easy to obtain and because they produce mind-altering effects when sniffed or "huffed."
8 's most commonly found on your face, lips, ears, back of your hands, forearms, scalp or neck - areas of skin typically exposed to the sun.
9 Contrary to what medical experts have been saying for years, a new study suggests salt may not be as bad for the heart as commonly believed.
10 Since proteins commonly consist of thousands or tens of thousands of atoms, atom coordinates often represent 90 percent or more of a PDBML document.
11 Autogenous welds are commonly used to evaluate corrosion rates of welded materials and the usage of these materials in corrosive environments.
12 You have seen many of the most important and most commonly used canvas APIs in this example, but there are several other APIs (such as for drawing curves).
13 Then a salty solution, commonly containing lithium bromide, absorbs the refrigerant vapours.
14 Graphite pencils, ink, crayons, or chalk are commonly used instruments for the artists, sometimes referred to as draftsmen.
15 In the United States, the root is more commonly roasted and brewed as a coffee substitute but it is also delicious when braised as a vegetable.
16 And even when fashion editors find synonyms for "nude" they are conventionally honey, rose, blush, ivory, words commonly used to make an English rose complexion seem aspirational.
17 They are commonly used to issue SISR instructions to NLP parsers in browsers, but in this instance they might be useful to you for sending hints to a dialog manager generator.
18 SIP, because of the nature of the protocol, has to have an "active" failover whereas HTTP failover is commonly more passive.
19 Splays are commonly formed by currents from crevasses in levees.
20 I'll focus on the two most commonly used ones - supervised and unsupervised learning - because they are the main ones supported by Mahout.
21 Antibiotics, like penicillin, can be given if an infection develops because the bacteria that commonly cause this type of infection are very sensitive to antibiotics.
22 When the zeolites can adsorb each component of binary solution, the commonly used index-the Gibbs' excess adsorption-is unsatisfactory to represent the adsorption ability of zeolites.
23 Today the spice is used more commonly in cooking to flavour both sweet and savory dishes and drinks such as coffee, mulled wines and some liqueurs.
24 Besides garbage collection, two other approaches are commonly used to deal with the problems of aliasing: reference counting and ownership management.
25 Sandblasting is the most commonly used coarsening process, in sharp sand, hard as well, the use of quartz sand, corundum and so on.
26 Solubility: CMC is the only best of the commonly used solvents. Especially in the presence of a small amount of water soluble CMC more glycerol.
27 Carotenoids are commonly found in fruit and vegetables such as yellow and red peppers, spinach, apricots and melons.
28 This migration of messaging out to the network edge also means that connections to the queue manager now commonly originate from outside of the locked data center.
29 This, " she says, holding up a pale orange creatureabout the size of her fingernail, "is a pycnogonid, commonly called a seaspider."
30 While it's commonly believed that sweating helps detoxify your body, the truth is that sweat contains few toxins.