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1 So, in 1765, Parliament passed the Stamp act, which taxed more than forty kinds of business transactions in the colonies.
2 Burn them with a Heat Gun: if you see cockroaches everyday in different parts of your house, you need to go after their colonies.
3 Our grandfathers and great- grandfathers were just respectable English or Dutch merchants, who came to the colonies to make their fortune, and stayed here because they did so well.
4 The Dutch also managed to get a plant back to Amsterdam and to their colonies in Indonesia, so Europe soon had new cheaper sources for their beans.
5 I wanted to show that humans are like colonies of mammals living on the coast, but got fed up with beach umbrellas and unruly crowds.
6 Corals are actually tiny organisms that join together in colonies, and they depend on a symbiotic relationship with certain species of algae to produce energy through photosynthesis.
7 was the wealthiest nation in Europe, but the uncontrolled influx of goods and minerals from Spain "s colonies in the Americas resulted in rampant inflation and economic depression."
8 prime minister argued that British left a wealth for her former colonies, which is democracy and the notion of law ruling, which is rooted in India now.
9 And yet, simply moving the colonies cannot fully explain the disorder, because it has also been seen in bees that are not moved around.
10 Crown's Treasury depleted when the fighting ended, the King's minister asked the Americans to pay one-third of the cost of the twenty battalions of redcoats stationed in the colonies.
11 world faces a future with little meat and no cotton because of acatastrophic collapse in bee colonies, experts have warned.
12 Because only 13% of bacterial colonies on the palm are Shared between any two individuals, Fierer and colleagues wondered if bacteria from palms and fingertips could be put to forensic use.
13 Not only are there separate colonies inside and out, but skin harbors a multitude of bacterial colonies.
14 These also want to become rich by selling goods to grasshoppers at low prices and building up claims on grasshopper colonies.
15 To further confirm their results, the researchers grew bacterial colonies near wells filled with a solution of ammonia and found the same slime gradient.
16 Jobs disappear in both grasshopper colonies and ant nests and fiscal deficits soar, especially in grasshopper colonies.
17 In the past, a mass exodus would leave the hive to be ransacked by honeybees from neighbouring colonies.
18 Not because of nasty European tariffs, he notes-former colonies can send their wares to Europe tariff-free-but because of a lack of finance and expertise, and poor logistics.
19 Not to worry: you're resurrected with cybernetics and nanotechnology so that you can go on a suicide mission to discover why colonies of humans are disappearing.
20 The natural diversity of human beings, thenatural tendency of man to go into the future like an explorer finding his ownway, was released in those English colonies on the Atlantic coast.
21 Most of the foreign students in France come from Europe or former colonies in Africa, but foreign students in America come from everywhere.
22 Over years of beekeeping, I've tried my hand at relocating bee colonies out of buildings and trees as a quick and cheap way of starting new hives at home.
23 For years, financially squeezed Hawaii residents have been leaving in droves, setting up colonies in places they can afford, like the moonscapes of the Las Vegas suburbs.
24 Among 0%, 2.5%, 5% and 10% groups, 2.5% FBS had profit on spermatogonial cells to grow and form more cell colonies, and profited to keep their undifferentiation state.
25 While Europe's population, consumption and production fell, Spain's colonies thrived.
26 He proposes that for bacteria living in a dry environment, where molecules could not easily diffuse between colonies, airborne ammonia could serve as an important indicator of nitrogen sources.
27 Cave-dwelling females form particularly large nursing colonies, choosing a spot with relatively high temperature and humidity where they gather in their masses to breed.
28 This convention expanded to discussions of the possibility of all the British colonies uniting into one nation.
29 But neighboring Argentine ant colonies that invade new locations often live side by side with nary a scuffle, so there is no in-species mechanism to keep populations down.
30 In the future, swarms of computers, like colonies of ants or flocks of starlings, will be directed via cloud computing toward global problem solving.