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1 Japan's collectivist ideals necessarily arose to allow the nation's large population to live comfortably together in a comparatively small archipelago.
2 The period from 1980 to 2000 illustrates how well markets can perform when freed from even some of the collectivist constraints of the past.
3 Rand was the single most uncompromising critic of the collectivist tide that swept across the capitalist world in the wake of the Depression.
4 The invisible hand of the market may be on the rise, but the dead hand of the old collectivist dream still exerts a powerful influence.
5 Residents are being encouraged to sing "red" songs and send text messages promoting collectivist values.
6 Studies have shown average conformity rates in collectivist cultures of between 25% and 58% whereas average conformity in individualist cultures is between 14% and 39%.
7 Collectivist cultures (typically East Asian) conform more because nonconformity is more strongly associated with deviance.
8 audience that wants more information about insect-like collectivist rodents is going to be pretty limited.
9 America is individualist and China is collectivist.
10 Tipping is more prevalent in countries with a culture of individualism than in those with a more collectivist spirit.
11 Cultural Beliefs and the Organization of Society: A Historical and Theoretical Reflection on Collectivist and Individualist Societies. " Journal of Political Economy 102, no. 5 (1994): 912–950.
12 Collectivist culture: place little value on individual identity and great value on group identity.
13 Compared to collectivist culture condition, individualistic culture condition starts more significant priming effect.
14 In Collectivist cultures, leadership should respect and encourage employees' group loyalties;
15 There are those with collectivist notions of social organization (the ideologues and visionaries among us) who assert we should all love one another and share our stuff and not be competitive.
16 At the same time, in order to give a detail explanation, there the comparison of team and organization, team spirit and collectivist is necessary.
17 Would it be wise to translate the phrase "everyman for himself" in text describing a company or product if this is going to be read by a highly collectivist culture?
18 Part one: To probe the changes of values and emphasize that The Times is calling the collectivist.
19 actual realization of the ideal social welfare requires the state and government to work for peoples benefits based on a lofty political moral and comprehensive collectivist value.
20 Previous research shows that the task with the plural pronouns "primes" people to feel more interconnected and collectivist, at least for a while.
21 fundamental principle of value it entails is of practical significance, whereas it will overstep its defects only when getting merged in the collectivist values.
22 Hope" in his book's title represented the collectivist one-world society that will exist when the "network" achieves its goal of consolidating its rule.
23 Studies have shown average conformity rates in collectivist cultures of between 25% and 58% whereas average conformity in individualist cultures is between 14% and 39% (Smith & Bond, 1993).
24 Drawing from mutualism, Mikhail Bakunin founded collectivist anarchism and entered the International Workingmen's Association, a class worker union later known as the First International that formed in 1864 to unite diverse revolutionary currents.
25 They were followed by the major currents of social anarchism (collectivist, communist and syndicalist).
26 Mutualism has been retrospectively characterised as ideologically situated between individualist and collectivist forms of anarchism.
27 Collectivist anarchism is a revolutionary socialist form of anarchism commonly associated with Mikhail Bakunin.
28 Collectivist anarchists advocate collective ownership of the means of production which is theorised to be achieved through violent revolution and that workers be paid according to time worked, rather than goods being distributed according to need as in communism.
29 Collectivist anarchism arose alongside Marxism, but it rejected the dictatorship of the proletariat despite the stated Marxist goal of a collectivist stateless society.
30 Indeed most biblical scholarship is in agreement that Judeo-Greco-Roman thought in the 1st century was opposite of the Western world's "individual first" mantra—it was very collectivist or communitarian in nature.