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No. sentence
1 She devoted her life to fighting collectivism. But she would not tolerate dissent among her followers—and even playfully called her inner-circle “the collective”.
2 Toohey is the exception: he is the one character in Rand's work who fully comprehends the difference between good and evil, between individualism and collectivism, and consciously chooses evil.
3 She lived to see laissez-faire triumph over collectivism and one of her leading acolytes, Alan Greenspan, appointed to the president’s Council of Economic Advisers.
4 Smaller countries tend to be a little happier because there is a stronger sense of collectivism and then you also have the aesthetic qualities of a country," White said.
5 Mises's point has also been a fruitful one for further theorizing about all forms of collectivism.
6 He has abandoned economic collectivism and says he will support private investment and, with reservations, a trade agreement with the United States.
7 conservative package of collectivism andconformity, by contrast, works in an unstable environment where joint action,and thus obedience to their group, are at a premium.
8 This institutionalized collectivism ushered in disastrous consequences, as expressed by the catch phrase "Hell is other people."
9 Even collectivism was prevailing, “others" means not consciousness but deception, betrayal, dissidence, danger, alienation, etc.
10 In this case, whether collectivism, can perform the main melody of the spiritual civilization is a great theory and a practical topic.
11 other hand, they are inclined to ignore the basic theory and book knowledge and deviate from collectivism.
12 They share with earlier individualists a fear of collectivism.
13 China is deeply influenced by collectivism and high-content culture communication. The connotative expression commonly used by Chinese natives always gives people a sense of mystery.
14 cultural background, the Eastern culture praise highly the collectivism, whereas, Western culture advocate the individualism.
15 As to the common understanding in the western, the basic meaning of individualism includes the aspects just like in Chinese context, but it exists mainly as the opposite of collectivism.
16 Facing various and complicated value sense, the leading value sense must be endowed with epoch connotation and new-style collectivism should be constructed.
17 She is owing to has collectivism spirit to suffer to commend.
18 It had long been realized that the only secure basis for oligarchy is collectivism.
19 collectivism is not only the effective way to make modern enterprise organization more efficient in traditional production mode but also necessary in the past industrial society.
20 A reminder about the power of collectivism over individualism?
21 is trifling to argue between individualism and collectivism.
22 However, recent researches have shown that high individualism may not necessarily mean low collectivism, and vice versa.
23 In PE teaching, we should give full play to patriotism education, collectivism education, discipline education and willpower education to realize the function of moral education.
24 At the same time, the western individualism, including Dewey's new individualism cannot replace the axis and soul of China's socialist moral system — collectivism.
25 The vertical collectivism culture has negative correlation with mental health.
26 This situation led to the strength of the large family and the basis for the distinctive collectivism of China.
27 Meanwhile many education experts from USSR gave lectures in China. Collectivism education theory was familiar to the educational circle in this process.
28 Corresponding to individualism is independent self-construal and to collectivism is interdependent self-construal.
29 Rusults Individuals in individualism culture reported higher life satisfaction than those in collectivism culture, but no significant differences were found on positive or negative affect;
30 The transformation of this character must be based on the conversion of traditional Chinese "collectivism" to the communitarianism.