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collectives in a sentence

1. German uses the prefix ge- to create collectives.

2. Stalin barred kulaks from joining these collectives.

3. Collectives may display similar actions and outlooks.

4. artist collectives;

5. they may be written by collectives;

6. Rare Collectives Vol.

7. 3 and Rare Collectives Vol.

8. Currently it has 13 art collectives.

9. There were many law collectives in the 1970s.

10. Some street artists work together in collectives.

11. The centre has 20 amateur art collectives.

12. It runs as collective of collectives.

13. He formed the filmmaking collectives Chad, Matt &

14. On September 8, 2018 Bloch issued Collectives Vol.

15. Glay Rare Collectives Vol.

16. This allowed the squatters to establish collectives.

17. He was part of many collectives exhibitions such as:

18. He was part of many collectives exhibitions:

19. His works has been presented in collectives shows too.

20. By 1907, they had already established 433 collectives.

21. Yumnaks inhabited specific areas and formed collectives.

22. Collectives exhibitions.

23. Weil goes into some detail on collectives.

24. 6 - Prec(ar)ious Collectives.

25. Creatures as collectives are not included.

26. The contemporary network of collectives CrimethInc.

27. Queens based Mexica danza collectives.

28. The magazine promoted several photographer collectives;

29. enhance the economic strength of the collectives.

30. Rural land should be circulated to rural collectives.