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No. sentence
1 Collective code Ownership: No single person "owns" a module. Any developer is expect to be able to work on any part of the codebase at any time.
2 But look at the collective ecstasy of the Romans!
3 Managing such networks is not only complicated but requires lot of collective effort and collaboration.
4 The collective intelligence of an ant colony can serve as inspiration to help us solve complex human problems.
5 By definition their collective hive mind must transcend their small bee minds.
6 She devoted her life to fighting collectivism. But she would not tolerate dissent among her followers—and even playfully called her inner-circle “the collective”.
7 But the bigger prize is social cohesion and the continuation of a way of life: collective ties stretched by months of wandering are re-established.
8 Skinny jeans, peasant blouses, heels with wedges - all trends eventually depart the collective wardrobe.
9 As you know, this portal of 11-11-11 -yes, of course it is an energetic portal, it is an opening throughout the Universe -but it is also a very important portal for the human collective.
10 way humanity manages or mismanages its nature-based assets, including pollinators, will in part define our collective future in the 21st century," said UNEP executive director Achim Steiner.
11 The process of adding another appliance into a collective — appropriately termed "assimilation" — will wipe out any existing data grids on the assimilated appliance.
12 Buoyed by rising asset prices and financial innovations that allowed ever more people to tap ever more debt, the collective American wallet has not snapped shut in almost two decades.
13 She encouraged me to listen carefully to what country people called "Mother Wit", because in those homely sayings was couched the collective wisdom of generations.
14 She encouraged me to listen carefully to what country people called mother wit. That in those homely sayings was couched the collective wisdom of generations.
15 It is mysterious because we can only "borrow it" : it is not our property but is social and collective.
16 Collective work is not individual behavior, after all a person's capability is limited. Difficult problems will be coped with easily if everybody works with each other.
17 I like to think that it is a conscious policy by a wise political leader who realizes that the main characters in our collective memory of that dark day should be the victims, not the murderer.
18 was to some extent a collective endeavour, to which you all contributed, and from which I, Jeshua, was the visible, physical representative.
19 Put up a sign saying ‘collective farm’. Then half the mice will starve and the others will run away.
20 This time let us suppose that the automatic machinery is programmed to give us all a collective hallucination, rather than a number of separate unrelated hallucinations.
21 If two heads are better than one, the collective brainstorming of an entire group can be the best ever.
22 All available facts should convince you that the billions of individual and collective actions that are taken every minute are improving life upon this planet.
23 These are augmented with themes for software architects such as trusting your users and harnessing collective intelligence.
24 Today, members are encouraged to feel almost like collective owners of its properties, lounging on lawns, playing ancient pianos or enjoying games of croquet.
25 In general, mixing code from various licenses in a collective works presents no issues.
26 Historical analogies, comparisons, and metaphors are all around us; they are a source of collective wisdom on which we must rely. It is unlikely that we could live without them even if we wanted to.
27 Only new bonds issued by euro-zone states after 2013, which will all carry identical new “collective action clauses” (CACs), would be at risk of having the bonds restructured.
28 each step we push our machines toward the collective, we move them toward life.
29 Councilors from various local cabals serve, making collective decisions as necessary that concern the Awakened as a whole, guided by a Hierarch.
30 According to van Wolferen, the postwar Japanese have a collective blind spot, a mental "forbidden zone" about Japanese history from approximately 1920 to 1945.