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No. sentence
1 Their views coalesced to form a coherent policy.
2 This is because they do not have a coherent program for true liberty.
3 His interpretation is coherent and intelligible.
4 That is a particular pity, because a more coherent educational system might help to deal with another problem too: a growing social malaise and lack of cohesion.
5 A business capability map is good, but [it needs to be supplemented with] design principles and implementation models for integrated, coherent, holistic implementation of business capabilities.
6 In many cases, dyke construction was carried out privately by wealthy individuals rather than as part of a coherent central plan.
7 You, the customer, should be a coherent entity accessible from any of the bank's systems.
8 Boozing into the night might inhibit coherent speech, but a Japanese company bets it will make workers communicate better. And it's even willing to pay for it.
9 It is widely sensed that the discipline has not yet located a path that will lead to a coherent and sustained advance beyond the intellectual territory claimed by modern general equilibrium theory.
10 Scientists can't "steal" coherent thoughts from the brain like Leonardo DiCaprio's character does in Inception, but they can use technology to nab the images your mind sees.
11 goal may be a coherent proven process, but some teams have done better by learning the lessons themselves rather than being forced to adopt more than they can handle all at once.
12 This vast neighbourhood also needs a collective and coherent voice to be heard on the international stage, where the interests of small and remote island-states seldom command attention on their own.
13 Fiftyyears ago this Sunday, Theodore Maiman and his fellow scientists atHughes Research Laboratory shined a high-power flash lamp on a rubyrod, triggering a beam of coherent light: the first laser.
14 Take a look at existing employee files or, if no files exist, gathering all the papers into coherent personnel files.
15 Lacking any coherent vision for the new Iraq, an often corrupt and incompetent coterie perpetuated many of the mistakes of Mr Bremer's CPA, compounding them with new ones of their own.
16 Photos provide inspiration for the entire site design. You can grab colors, textures and even typography inspiration from a photograph and create a nice coherent theme.
17 You can grab colors, textures and even typography inspiration from a photograph and create a nice coherent theme.
18 Descartes theory is actually rather dubiously coherent, if you think about it.
19 I teach in the English department at a college in upstate New York, which every now and then means teaching freshman comp, a kind of crash course on writing coherent papers.
20 But his message seems coherent to me. His campaign's investment in video games won't make much of a difference if users don't get up after awhile and go outside to vote.
21 Instead of negotiating with vested interests in the back rooms of the White House and Congress, the President should present a coherent plan to the American people.
22 views of party leaders coalesced to form a coherent policy.
23 It manages the state and groups events in a coherent way.
24 Data grids provide a single coherent cache Shared by all of the application server instances in a cluster.
25 Populist anger, especially if it has no coherent agenda, can go anywhere in times of want.
26 Coherent and holistic national food safety systems would not only improve health in countries with insecure food supplies - they would also help development and boost food trade.
27 While this may slow down daily design decisions, thinking through the types in the application can result in a more coherent design over time.
28 efforts to support specific industries and firms have remained sporadic despite calls for a coherent policy.
29 That's a big, ongoing benefit of implementing a coherent, repeatable software development process with an integrated tool set.
30 Science tells us that we forget countless facts about our lives to make the past seem coherent and orderly, and to keep ourselves sane.