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cognate in a sentence

1. see the cognate "boyar").

2. It is cognate with Welsh glyn.

3. it is cognate with reach.

4. cognate English Howe).

5. or as a cognate of Alb.

6. cognate with English row).

7. cognate with rabbi);

8. Sappan is cognate to Tsephon).

9. see the cognate "boyar").

10. The Russian cognate is Vityaz.

11. "Rada" is a cognate of Allada.

12. Its Slavic cognate is Kamil.

13. It is a cognate of James.

14. The form Karlsen is cognate.

15. The form Carlsen is cognate.

16. cognate with Dutch: smeren;

17. cognate with Dutch: smear;

18. It is cognate with George.

19. Croatian fileki is a cognate.

20. It is a cognate of Birger;

21. cognate to Latin: anguilla.

22. the Latin cognate is amnis).

23. cognate with English "fen").

24. (cognate to Italian -(i)ano).

25. It is cognate to Arab Habib.

26. It is a cognate of Silvanus.

27. It is a cognate with Zulu.

28. It is a cognate of Catherine.

29. a cognate of the name Paul.

30. definition of cognate.