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No. sentence
1 victims, using debt bondage, threats of violence or deportation, blackmail, and other coercive psychological methods to control victims.
2 Provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling is not, and should not be construed as, an endorsement of coercive or mandatory HIV testing.
3 alleged that they were hounded to their deaths by lenders' coercive recovery practices. MFIs deny wrongdoing.
4 Disturbances of these regions are likely to kick in during coercive interrogation, particularly if such questioning continues for weeks or months.
5 Would such a plan of justice not be overly coercive? In forcing people into predefined social roles?
6 Neoconservatism, whatever its complex roots, has become indelibly associated with concepts like coercive regime change, unilateralism and American hegemony.
7 Some, particularly in the Highlands and islands, were certainly poor, even destitute, and the clearances in the late 1840s and early 1850s were undeniably brutal and often coercive.
8 Obama has addressed one major objection to military commissions by proposing that evidence gleaned from coercive interrogations be inadmissible.
9 The legislation would also limit interrogation procedures by the Central Intelligence Agency and end the outsourcing of coercive interrogations to government contractors.
10 two men are sent to a second country where the prisoner is subjected to more coercive treatment.
11 It stands for a less coercive work environment, more happy, lighter and more productive where humans enjoy doing what they know best how to do.
12 Now if the X industry is really overcrowded as compared with other industries it will not need any coercive legislation to keep out new capital or new workers.
13 Give into the power of the teacher the fewest possible coercive measures, so that the only source of the pupil's respect for the teacher is the human and intellectual qualities of the latter.
14 The elite are most likely to do harm when they rely on the coercive power of the state: for example, when they persuade it to grant them special favours.
15 But it's the routine use of such behaviors that distinguishes difficult mothers and sets up a coercive relationship.
16 is alleged that they were hounded to their deaths by lenders' coercive recovery practices.
17 Coercive parsing — XML messages specially constructed to be difficult to parse to consume the resources of the machine.
18 These institutions are using quite coercive methods to collect," said V. Vasant Kumar, the state's minister for rural development.
19 They can do a bit of damage but are not really capable of much up against the coercive power of the state.
20 Lessons have been learned," pledges Mr. Balogh. "Coercive measures are a monopoly of the state."
21 Single- and multiple-message XML Denial of Service (XDoS) using techniques such as recursive elements, megatags, coercive parsing, and XML flood
22 tragedy that so often occurs is that parents, out of fear for their kids' health, make a bad situation worse by using coercive parenting practices," Ludwig says.
23 Provide coercive immediacy to aid the team.
24 ICANN, they say, resembles the Kings and parliaments of old whose power is coercive and unconstrained.
25 When we use coercive power, we are able to control others' behavior, but only as long as we force them.
26 When we are afraid that nothing else will work, or that we won't make the deadline, or that others might not respond, we often resort to coercive power, or the power to do something to someone.
27 This eventually brought about the “coming of the Leviathan” or the coercive state.
28 The system had the potential to be coercive, but its actual effect would depend on context and usage.
29 We don't have the ability or even will to use coercive power to change Russia's behaviour," says a senior administration official.
30 The Eurogroup Chairman, Jean-Claude Juncker echoed that bondholders could face losses of 50-60%, but clarified that coercive restructuring would not be pursued.