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No. sentence
1 For many people, discipline is a dirty word. They equate it with an absence of freedom, with coercion or duty.
2 Let us suppose, therefore, that the government is entirely at one with the people, and never thinks of exerting any power of coercion unless in agreement with what it conceives to be their voice.
3 need no stirring speeches; you need no coercion or coaxing. You all know the difference between right and wrong.
4 Whoever the owners choose, however, will need a diplomat's ability to mix coercion and consensus, since the commissioner's job is to sustain one of the world's most effective cartels.
5 Edmund Gordillo, a teacher in Quito with 30 years’ experience, complains that coercion is the wrong way to go about reforming.
6 Afterward, go back over the process with your team and learn from your mistakes. And remember that there will be some people you cannot de-escalate without coercion.
7 Staff are talking to us voluntarily, there is no coercion whatsoever, "the spokesman said."
8 I've been preaching liberty as against coercion; I've been preaching capitalism as against socialism; and I've been preaching this doctrine in every form and with any excuse.
9 They reinforce the notion that the child is incapable of good behavior without coercion.
10 One debt collector in Spain USES public shaming a tool of coercion.
11 Filing his case against the electronics giant, Cuomo said the company had "used bribery and coercion to maintain a stranglehold on the market", hurting competitors and consumers as a result.
12 Hebrew Scriptures declare that the authority to govern is built upon justice, not merely on powers of coercion.
13 But you can't do it by mandating that your employees give their very best from this day forward, with the occasional pep rally or morale-building meeting, or by threats or coercion.
14 Because patients see coercion as a form of violence, avoiding coercion as much as possible is a way to model nonviolent treatment and thus increase engagement and reduce recidivism, he pointed out.
15 the 28 hospitals that changed their policies to become smoke free, tobacco-related health problems, seclusion and restraint, and use of coercion or threats all declined significantly, they said.
16 use of seclusion, restraint, and coercion declines after psychiatric hospitals implement no-smoking policies, and physical health problems decline as well.
17 Libertarian philosopher Robert Nozick makes the case that taxing the wealthy — to pay for housing, health care, and education for the poor — is a form of coercion.
18 Abstr: the greatest characteristic of soft power is that a State with soft power exerted through the object's active cooperation or acquiescence, rather than by force or other violent coercion.
19 no coercion if the Spirit is to flow; each must give the other space and freedom. Chaucer, the London poet, sums it up in a pithy phrase.
20 Manipulation, exploitation, and coercion are all examples of power gone bad, and they have no place in the modern workplace.
21 If the offense involved a contribution, donation, solicitation, or expenditure made or obtained through intimidation, threat of pecuniary or other harm, or coercion, increase by 4 levels.
22 We need to respect the wishes of farmers, oppose formalism and coercion, and avoid the herd mentality.
23 Yet, if we dig beneath the surface, this cold, calculating self-interest veils a deeper game more akin to coercion than to collaboration.
24 It is statically type-checked and does not allow type coercion, so is safe with regards to types.
25 But there are also those who have taken up arms because of coercion, or simply for a price.
26 As important as it is to address the dangers of coercion, experts agree with Miller that the best big-picture approach is to educate young men and women alike about healthy relationships.
27 The result is that women and girls will end up undergoing abortions without having the information needed to make a decision — which is a form of coercion.
28 It guarantees a fair and aboveboard election by letting every voter express his or her will freely without subject to coercion, surveillance or threat by anyone.
29 Some are setting themselves voluntary targets in the hope of avoiding state coercion.
30 In this world, promises and integrity are only as meaningful as the conditions that mandate them - cooperation becomes synonymous with coercion.