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No. sentence
1 Nearby, an unidentified weed gains a month's stay.It is a small return for its cluster of tiny yellow paintbrush blossoms.
2 Unlike its clubs and bars, Kunming's hotels do not cluster in a small area downtown: there are too many of them.
3 Unless otherwise stated, you must run the tasks here on each and every node of the cluster.
4 The other server is a standby member because its only load is cluster replication.
5 It can give you the ability to store indefinitely your session data where it can be retrieved not only after a restart, but from any of a number of machines in a cluster.
6 We learn from this process and then increase the cluster size again.
7 Now that you have clustering in the proper context, I'll show you how to start the process to set up your own cluster.
8 This allows quick distribution of application contents to each of the nodes in the cluster so that each node runs the same applications.
9 As pension funds, sovereign-wealth funds and asset managers become more conservative, they cluster in the same gateway cities and chase the same high-quality properties.
10 With the classic proxy server, you can configure the plug-in routing file generation and distribution Settings at the cluster level.
11 Connecting storage to the cluster can be direct or through a storage area network (SAN) switch, either by fiber, copper, or a mixture of the two (see Figure 1).
12 Because of its huge mass, the cluster ACTS as a cosmic magnifying glass, causing light to bend around it.
13 The names and state of all these cluster objects is the cluster metadata.
14 Matthews to charge outside - she wedges herself among a cluster of raging, circling men and women - shows the potential danger of such activist commitment.
15 Once deployed to a cluster, this configuration can then be transparently started, stopped or removed across all the cluster members.
16 Because cluster file systems cause unnecessary performance and administration overhead for operation of IDS, this article USES SAN as the means for storage of chunks.
17 Scores of new electronics firms have swooped in to join the pioneers, along with an expanding cluster of 20 or so medical-device manufacturers.
18 The example cluster includes only the storage nodes in this pool.
19 For the example cluster, this was done on one of the storage nodes.
20 can be done on any server of the cluster.
21 This means two copies of the data are available: one in each half of the cluster.
22 Another approach to replication is to share copies of the serialized session data with one or more other servers in the cluster.
23 In this case, you have a mini "cluster" of processes on a single node.
24 You need to configure all the JNDI names used by your distributed applications in every node of the cluster.
25 This shows you what resources are running, what nodes are up or down in the cluster and so on.
26 Click the configuration icon next to this badge and provide configuration data for the cluster as shown in Figure 8.
27 you actually disabled half of your cluster during peak prime shift to validate that the workload still fits?
28 Second, the proponents expect, will be a new wave of investment in the cluster of industries near the canal.
29 If one of those machines should fail, the resources required to maintain business operations are transferred to another available machine in the cluster.
30 If any of the nodes in the cluster were to fail, a user would be redirected to another functional node in the system, and his or her session would continue as if nothing had happened.