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No. sentence
1 I have tried to practice this openness closer to home as well, by spending more time with Joe Biden's German shepherd puppy, despite our considerable difference in temperament and bite force.
2 Our reporter Guan Xin takes a closer look at China's reform and the process of opening up the country, a miracle that has made China the world's second largest economy in just 30 years.
3 way to realize this goal is to establish a closer relationship with its business partners, including its suppliers.
4 In this environment, whether annual health care costs rise or fall by 1% or even 5% is irrelevant - all we do is move the day of reckoning less than 1 year closer or farther away.
5 The discovery brings geologists a step closer to understanding how gold particles are sucked out of the Earth's core and brought up to the surface.
6 Its eyes glowed a dull red, even though they were a lot closer to the ground, and it dribbled into the nettles.
7 As you follow these easy - but crucial - steps and exercises, you move closer and closer to your destination.
8 Another is the fact that labour is cheaper and factories built out west allow workers to stay closer to home, rather than migrate to far-flung manufacturing hubs.
9 Another issue the book raises is that people, often the most vulnerable, live in risky areas not because they are fatalistic or myopic, but to be closer to work.
10 Cesar pulled me closer and hummed in my ear. He tapped his fingers against my back. And then, "Hey, look at that," he said after a new song started.
11 But when genetic characterization of the contents of beetle guts gave some unexpected results, the researchers decided to take a closer look at earthworm DNA.
12 Hitoshi leaned closer to see the screen.
13 But a closer look reveals each spiral band is inlaid with tiny gold figures of animals and hunters amid flowers and vines.
14 In each iteration, you do some requirements, design, implementation, and testing of your application, thus producing a deliverable that is one step closer to the final solution.
15 Scientists in Amsterdam may have come a little closer to discovering the secret to longevity; they've encoded the entire DNA sequence of a woman who lived to 115.
16 Shawna squinted into the bright sky until the spinning circle appeared, as tiny as a golf ball, she held her breath as it got closer and closer.
17 prevalent term among researchers is now "companion animal," she said, which is closer to the childlike role they so often play.
18 In dawns to come, Mars and Jupiter will continue to rise while Venus and Mercury sink toward the horizon, drawing closer to the rising Sun.
19 And that will bring us closer to ending poverty and promoting peace around the world.
20 color of this tree brought me closer and when I looked from underneath it was striking backlit with color.
21 Human minds were designed to fill gaps: Why do you think you always see people who look like your friends and then when you come closer to them you find them other people?
22 little-remembered Franklin Pierce, president from 1853 to 1857, is castigated for expanding slavery in the west and thus bringing the civil war closer.
23 So it's important when you are playing against these players, play, yeah, closer to the baseline, if possible, no?
24 Officials of China and the United States are congratulating each other on the closer ties between the two countries after strains earlier in the year.
25 pragmatist to the core-or perhaps shameless populist would be closer to it-mr Zuma seems much cleverer at saying whatever people want to hear than at formulating a policy and sticking to it.
26 But before the new Administration can pursue its own lofty hopes for Middle East peace, Jones will have to meet some goals closer to home.
27 But though this way of organising our affairs has had a long time to demonstrate that it is capable of satisfying human demands all round, it seems no closer todoing so than ever.
28 Or to bring it a little bit closer to home, does it mean that the purpose of the prehensile thumb is for grasping?
29 I snuggled up closer to him, pressing myself against him, knowing I had his attention.
30 I recommend not so many troops knocking down doors every night, but instead to sit down and drink tea, discuss what the people need, and bring them closer to the coalition.