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cleaned in a sentence

1. The target set is then cleaned.

2. They cleaned the organ in 1982.

3. He is taken home and cleaned.

4. Debris was cleaned up quickly.

5. Everything was cleaned.

6. The car needed to be cleaned.

7. cleaned the arcade;

8. "I cleaned the living room."

9. I cleaned up my act.

10. It was last cleaned in 1974.

11. Half-cleaned high rise.

12. It has also been cleaned.

13. and usually cleaned the table.

14. Getting cleaned.

15. And his shoes would be cleaned.

16. The statue was cleaned in 2018.

17. wallpaper cleaned;

18. The target set is then cleaned.

19. They cleaned the place out.

20. The wool is cleaned.

21. and cleaned the sewer line.

22. Bella is cleaned and dressed.

23. cleaned; tended the garden;

24. And cleaned until.

25. The meat is cleaned and minced.

26. Just wish it cleaned up better.

27. Accommodations were cleaned.

28. naphthalene cleaned from resin;

29. The car needed to be cleaned.

30. I have cleaned all the rooms.