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1 She is very fond of Chinese classical literature and has spent some time reading Tang and Song poetry, etc.
2 Although some critics ridiculed her flowing and expressive movements, Isadora brought flexibility and self-expression to the hidebound world of classical dance.
3 Classical mathematicians believed that this number represented the most aesthetically pleasing ratio for the dimensions of a rectangle, but it also turns up in computational mathematics.
4 classical music detentions at West Park School are only the latest experiment in using and abusing some of humanity's greatest cultural achievements to reprimand youth.
5 The word has Greek roots but didn't exist in classical Greek.
6 With her classical restraint and purity of form, Sylvia Plath is always refusing to break your heart, though in the end, she breaks it anyway.
7 classical fairy tales of Greece, myrtle's evergreen leaves, elegant and beautiful white flowers and their charming fragrance are seen as symbols of beauty and youth.
8 So again, hot and cold. And in many ways, Moses sets the paradigm for the classical prophet.
9 This idea fits with the views of some psychologists, who argue that strict classical logic only plays a small part in the human mind.
10 Classical music has revived recently.
11 In addition, some classical temples exhibit horizontal and vertical proportions that map to the golden ratio.
12 Werewolf: : The original werewolf of classical mythology, Lycaon, a king of Arcadia who, according to Ovid's Metamorphoses, was turned into a ravenous Wolf by Zeus.
13 werewolf of classical mythology, Lycaon, a king of Arcadia who, according to Ovid's Metamorphoses, was turned into a ravenous Wolf by Zeus.
14 He referred to jazz as "African-American classical music," and strove to convey the black experience in America.
15 distinguishes modern sensibility from classical sensibility is that the latter thrives on moral problems and the former on metaphysical problems.
16 Twombly was best known for his canvases that combined painting, drawing and calligraphic texts, many of them reflecting classical themes and motifs.
17 perimeter of the houses determines the inner space, which is thus disencumbered of all attributes of a classical house.
18 While the current study only looks at the classical behavior of the theory, there could also be quantum behavior, such as with the bounce concept.
19 And more generally, the problem is you can talk about what other people do in terms of reinforcement and punishment and operant conditioning and classical conditioning.
20 The first real sign of the resurrection of the classical liberal idea came with the publication in 1943 of three groundbreaking books unabashedly defending individualism and free-market capitalism.
21 Some plastic surgeons cite Greek mathematicians to argue there is a universal beauty ideal based on classical notions of proportion.
22 Her eye was caught by one of the classical lady's attendants who was depicted running away from the dreadful scene in alarm.
23 Copenhagen interpretation" says that the world people experience is decided upon when the many possibilities of the quantum world collapse to become the certainty of the classical one.
24 Tonights performance will harness an alchemical presentation of Ancient Persian, Classical Indian and Free Jazz.
25 as then, there is an obsession with the body. The baths and gyms of the classical world employed more people than any other institution except the army.
26 unfamiliar tones of classical music can disperse loiterers, while big sound-blasters, known as “long-range acoustic devices” (LRADS), have been deployed against protesters in some American states.
27 The last great scientist of the classical period, he was the first to draw a map that was based on all available knowledge, rather than guess or imagination.
28 In a, sort of, classical mechanic sense, a continuum of states, all with different energies. It's hard.
29 of European languages will find similar words in Esperanto, and the spoken language sounds a little like Italian or classical Greek, Esperanto speakers say.
30 As in the double slit experiment, the simultaneous presence of two parts, a and b, seems to lead to some kind of weird interference that spoils classical probabilities.