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No. sentence
1 The teacher divided the class and took one section to the library and left the other to write an article.
2 ability she towers over all the others in her class.
3 We hope the teacher will class Tom in our class.
4 I have to bat out a term paper before class.
5 In the classroom the teacher is stiff and stern but after class he unbends.
6 class glared at the teacher when he told them their punishment.
7 They teamed Class One with Class Two.
8 Then, I iterate through every class in the input file.
9 Obviously, to fix this problem, you must avoid the cyclic class hierarchy.
10 beginning of each class, I count off the students.
11 Most students in our class go in for scientific activities.
12 This means that the owning class "realizes" the provided interfaces on the port.
13 can then add one or more test methods to this class.
14 As always, the unit tests for that class should capture the functionality for each of its methods.
15 It's interesting to see how one class of languages, called dynamic languages, have become the language of choice for implementing many applications.
16 Peopled by the ageing middle class of pre-liberalisation India—accountants, middlemen and small entrepreneurs—the tower receives a generous offer from a builder, Dharmen Shah.
17 If he had never dropped out in collage, he would have never taken that calligraphy class, and might not have the wonderful typography that they do today.
18 One useful change would be for regulators to make it clear to trustees of foundations and pension funds that “social-impact investments” are a legitimate asset class, says Sir Ronald.
19 The fifth maxim: the first class soup has more creations than second class paintings.
20 Unless you are in a completely opinionbased philosophy class of some sort, you will not impress your professors with papers that show your lack of knowledge of the assigned readings.
21 nutshell, we will be creating a standard frame window application, and force it to use a custom view class.
22 In a nutshell, though, this grabs all the img elements in a particular div, named "images", and then finds all those images in the "preview" CSS class.
23 He stands first in his class.
24 In this case, it will offer to create a class field I, a local variable I, or a method parameter I; clicking each of these Suggestions will display the code that would be generated.
25 this class of substance belong mica, porcelain, quartz, glass, wood, etc.
26 Instead, it mentions that each implementation can decide if and how this class is mapped and how instances of the class are serialized to and from XML.
27 middle class in the Eastern world grows daily.
28 of One remained a nurturing, matriarchal spiritual culture, while the Aryan grew into a powerful military corporate society, dominated by the upper class.
29 If you only have a concrete class, you can create an interface from the class, change your application code to program to the interface, and then proceed as described above.
30 annual conference in Buenos Aires this summer bustled with discussions about the numbers and how the movement can attract a wider class of participants.