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1 service consumer, in this case, is publishing a claims processing request to a predefined topic that all of the claims processing systems are listening on.
2 The company claims it has used experience gained in fields such as rocket engine manufacturing, nanotechnology and particle physics to have created the new blade.
3 Police are to investigate claims that Chris Huhne, the energy secretary, asked another person to take penalty points he incurred for a motoring misdemeanor in 2003 (a criminal offence, if true).
4 The International Atomic Energy Agency voted to rebuke Syria on claims of an undeclared nuclear reactor in the country's remote northeast.
5 nutshell is the comparative advantage that OpenStreetMap claims over other online maps.
6 The US is targeting Gadaffi but claims – wink, nudge – that it is only after command and control targets.
7 The disturbances erupted against a background of claims that Italy's billionaire prime minister had secured the vote with promises to opposition lawmakers of high office or more tangible benefits.
8 We urged then, as we do today, the maintenance of a calm and nonassertive environment in which contending claims may be discussed and, if possible, resolved, ” he said.
9 Greeks say that the very name Macedonia implies territorial claims to a part of Greece.
10 Whenever someone claims that a browser is or is not "standards compliant," I have got to laugh.
11 You have data -- gathered from the successful project itself -- to back up your claims that the process (and your wisdom in selecting it!) is responsible for this success.
12 But China's recent handling of long-simmering tensions over competing claims to islands and waters in the South China Sea has rung alarm bells.
13 Mueller claims Sheen has been physically and verbally abusive towards her, and a judge ordered earlier in the day that Sheen must stay 100 yards away from Mueller and their children.
14 As well as border disputes on land, China pursued maritime and island claims with Japan, and also laid claim to a great swathe of the South China Sea stretching down almost to the coast of Borneo.
15 She claims she fell as she leaned to pick up a paper.
16 It claims that because we drink more water, the guidelines are stricter, and they should not be used in testing for carcinogens and toxins in juices or other foods.
17 Despite its claims, Dartmoor zoo itself has been responsible for killing animals - deer, as a result of "overpopulation", and a Wolf who was ostracised by the pack, for example.
18 He claims that only two drugs flights have landed there since, whereas "before it was like an international airport".
19 Apple's claims about RIM products appear to be deliberate attempts to distort the public's understanding of an antenna design issue and to deflect attention from Apple's difficult situation.
20 If the two applications have a UUE, the claims representative will be able to go back and forth between the two much easier than if they do not.
21 Some self sealing argument move back and forth from interesting to false claims.
22 Chris claims to have only lost a nail once, when fixing her car engine on the freeway, and otherwise has no trouble leading a normal life.
23 It claims it has reacted after worried callers who have enquired over recent months about what to do if someone should attempt to kiss them in a GREeting.
24 As a physical therapist, Pitchford understands how to stretch correctly, something she claims not all runners know how to do.
25 More claims are inevitable, and Alibaba has not yet offered an estimate as to how much it will have to pay out.
26 One solution might be to believe only those authorship claims that are contained in the document in question.
27 This is worth bearing in mind: I now strongly suspect that anybody who claims to be commenting live from any event is unlikely to remember much about what happened.
28 THEY represent only one side of a story, and most of their claims have yet to be independently corroborated.
29 But it claims that Intel's discounts and rebates were often conditional on the exclusion of its rival, AMD.
30 At the first trial in 1998, expert witnesses dismissed her lawyers' claims that surgery for a brain tumour had changed her personality.