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No. sentence
1 They claimed to have discovered a new planet.
2 As such, they back the contention that rising temperatures are cutting ice cover across the region, including along the fringes of Greenland; but not anything like as fast as the Times Atlas claimed.
3 Some officials claimed to unhook connections with the companies but still maintained close ties on the sly.
4 of the two countries claimed the territory.
5 By contrast, Dali has never explicitly claimed to be utopia—but this low-key lack of self-promotion is the very reason many fans find it a paradise.
6 Maj Gen Carter also said warlords in Kandahar had been allowed to build up militias which they then claimed were private security companies.
7 A local farmer claimed he was held for 25 days, then bailed out for a large sum of money, after finding a dead rhino in his fields.
8 Meanwhile, the Apple store rejected a Chuck Norris app, a Chuck Norris joke generator, because they claimed it ridiculed a public figure.
9 However, shortly after that interview was broadcast, Syrian state television had broadcast another interview with a woman it claimed was the ambassador to France.
10 Later, when people showed him pictures of the Earth taken by satellites, Shelton claimed the photos were fake.
11 Recently, some researchers even claimed to have detected such rogue planets.
12 In an interview broadcast late Thursday, she claimed to have killed her husband because he wanted a physical relationship with their daughter — and said she did not regret her actions.
13 She also claimed to have healing powers, and would often prescribe herbs and spices to cure diseases and ailments.
14 TV interview, Joe claimed his son had exaggerated: "I whipped him with a switch and belt, [but] I never beat him.
15 People in nearly every culture have long believed that communication with the dead is possible, and throughout the ages many people have claimed to be able to speak with the dearly departed.
16 A Church of st John Coltrane exists in San Francisco: the founders first claimed that the musician was an incarnation of god, but later demoted him to sainthood.
17 And the former hero of Highbury claimed he did not really want to play against the club where he made his name and would not celebrate if he scored.
18 He claimed he was deceived and defrauded after Country Weekly reformatted.
19 Why? He claimed he was deceived and defrauded after Country Weekly reformatted.
20 They have manoeuvred against him, decried his policies, condemned his methods and, he has long claimed, incited left-wing prosecutors to try and jail him.
21 Though she was identified in the article only as Paula, Jones claimed her family and friends recognized her when they read the article.
22 Each time it is claimed that this procedure is followed. Yet "warning shots" often seem to cause death or injury, generally ascribed to ricochets.
23 monoxide offers a lot more energy per molecule to hungry microbes than methane does-but Mars's carbon monoxide level is stable and much higher than the claimed methane level.
24 Even worse, Colonel Eugene Holmes, who had agreed to let me join the program, now claimed that I had misled him to get out of the draft.
25 That does not require "massive" military intervention, as some have mischievously claimed.
26 The European Commission’s president, José Manuel Barroso, claimed it showed the euro zone would do “whatever it takes” to defend itself.
27 Another loser, predictably, was onetime Liberal Leader Jeremy Thorpe, 50, who soon faces trial on charges of conspiracy and incitement to murder a man who claimed to be his lover.
28 He claimed to be ready for compromise with the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives, offering to "mix and match" ideas and, where necessary, disagree without being disagreeable.
29 Guinness World Records lists the smallest recorded chicken egg as 2.7 centimetres, although a man from Great Britain in May claimed earlier this year to having one that was 2 millimetres smaller.
30 It's claimed that plum seed oil can be used in salad dressing, but, on trying it, the idea seems slightly bizarre.