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cinematic art in a sentence

1. Vorkapich taught the autonomous nature of the cinematic art form, emphasizing kinetic energy inherent in motion pictures.

2. Isou was upset with this, his own attitude being that Chaplin deserved respect as one of the great creators of the cinematic art.

3. His own attitude was that Chaplin deserved respect as one of the great creators of the cinematic art.

4. This is summarized by one critic as "Barney's cinematic art inspires both awe and revulsion, often simultaneously."

5. Kevin M. Williams of the Chicago Tribune gave the movie 4 stars and put his feelings for the film this way: "A piece of cinematic art.

6. Dora films also had an acting school of cinematic art.

7. A chance meeting in 2005 between Chris Gollon and filmmakers JABOD led to the creation of a neologism, and a new cinematic art work: "Kaleidomorphism One".

8. May 24, 2006) was an American cinematic art director and production designer.

9. I also gained a better perspective and understanding of the cinematic art by joining the university film society.

10. Various international films were screened to promote cinematic art and film appreciation in Thailand.

11. The New York Times called some scenes "a fine bit of cinematic art".

12. Kennedy had no illusions about his studio's place in the realm of cinematic art.

13. Solymosi graduated from the Academy of Dramatic and Cinematic Art and started his career at the Royal Revue Theatre in 1948.

14. The film was directed by Paul Călinescu and marked the entry of the Romanian documentary into the realm of cinematic art.

15. for many years it remained a point of reference in the annals of cinematic art in Romania.

16. The first film school was opened in 1930 by Russian-Armenian immigrant Ovanes Ohanian, who had studied at The School of Cinematic Art in Moscow.

17. First, the ICFF focuses on the bicycle as a subject of cinematic art.

18. Through cinematic art and the influence of Eisenstein’s visit to the America’s, Mexico flourished with talent and pushed its boundaries.

19. It is no small feat to maintain a focus on the raw material of real human experience while honouring the documentary as a cinematic art form.

20. Architectural historian Sharman Kadish describes the synagogue's colorful design as a blend of Byzantine revival and "cinematic art deco style."

21. likewise the cinematic art of the cinéastes Jean-Luc Godard and Ingmar Bergman (1904–1997).

22. From 1992-1996, he studied Journalism at the, German Sport University Cologne“ and Cinematic Art at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.

23. Cinematic techniques are often regarded as grammatical structures or components of the cinematic art as a language made up of images.

24. This was all because of the great importance of having the festival in cinematic art.

25. The Guardian described the film as "a work of cinematic art."

26. It is an society promoting LGBT culture, calling for equality of LGBT community and eliminating the discrimination of LGBT community through cinematic art.

27. It will hold paintings, photography, illustration, cinematic art and digital art from Lucas's personal collection, and a Star Wars exhibit.

28. Berdakin is the main benefactor of USC School of Cinematic Art's Neighborhood Academic initiative supporting inner city students' creative development.

29. The festival is an initiative of Indian Film Institute, a Non-Governmental Organisation, aimed at promoting the appreciation of the cinematic art.

30. In A Philosophy of Cinematic Art (2010) many of his previously published papers on cinema are collected.