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1 That's a big chronological span, and it netted a big genetic haul: the research identified no fewer than 440 genes that start to slow down after age 40.
2 They didn't follow a chronological order; they put Romans first because it's the longest and then the letters of Paul come in the Canon, more or less with some exceptions, by length.
3 Then we talked about the arrangement of the photos in the album: did she want to keep it chronological?
4 They are: keep the documents in chronological order, remove all the chips and pins, punch the documents evenly and place them in the folder.
5 If you put my injury and work history into chronological order, you'll see that most of major injuries occurred while I was dancing hurt.
6 Under each topic heading is a series of article summaries in reverse chronological order.
7 I like to have the newest on top, so I sort them in reverse chronological order.
8 In 13 thematic and loosely chronological chapters, the author traces the lives of more than 70 mistresses from biblical times to the present day.
9 He was responsible for the the recognition of geological strata, and the theory that successive layers of geological formations (strata) contained a fossil record of life in chronological order.
10 Since the journal contains a chronological log of all recent meta-data changes, it simply inspects those portions of the meta-data that have been recently modified.
11 case for each of our ten favorite hard science fiction books, listed in chronological order.
12 While most resumes are written in ahistory chronological format, often a better technique is to evenlybalance between skill-set description, achievements, andemployment.
13 Mr Starr is never trapped by his chronological framework.
14 is not straight chronological Shakespeare. It almost doesn't matter in what order you read the book.
15 Poems were shifted about-all the long poems were grouped together, for example-making it impossible to gain a clear view of the chronological development of his writing.
16 Enable the user to add several modules, stacked in chronological order as the user builds up a complicated query.
17 Liars stories tend to be chronological, shorter and short on detail.
18 her study pulling books off the shelf of her library, and this is more or less chronological.
19 Then, “Any email you send to the past appears in the proper chronological order in your recipient’s inbox.
20 Table 1 lists these activities in chronological order.
21 Mr Bernstein eschews a rigidly chronological narrative in favour of a more thematic approach.
22 Though chronological, its form is fragmented: snatches of conversations, observations and impressions.
23 His messages, and the replies - roughly 1,000 altogether - are listed in chronological order in the 332-page novel written by Finnish author Hannu Luntiala.
24 HSBC's History Wall, a striking art installation at the bank's London headquarters, is made up of 3, 743 images drawn from the bank's archives and arranged in chronological order.
25 This RSS file contains the most recent items from the participant weblogs, in reverse chronological order.
26 On the digg.com home-page there is space for 15 stories, and those stories are sorted in chronological order with the most recent—in other words the most novel—on top.
27 You can go backwards and forwards through your command history (in reverse chronological order) using Control-P (previous command) and Control-N (next).
28 writing down your life story and every milestone, in chronological order.
29 The runs are listed in chronological order, with the most recent run at the bottom of the list.
30 In both cases, what is shown is a list of change sets, in reverse chronological order according to when each was added to the workspace or stream.