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chased in a sentence

1. Ceridwen chased him.

2. They get chased by women.

3. dog rabbit 3 chased COMP 1sg.

4. He is chased away by Leverton.

5. 1. “The boy chased the ball;

6. The soldiers chased her.

7. One chased after rabbits;

8. They were chased into hills.

9. The nixie chased them.

10. The giant chased after them.

11. the goons chased Sasha.

12. Chased from the heavens;

13. His forces chased Gov.

14. Then she chased after them.

15. The servants chased them.

16. The queen chased them herself.

17. He is shot at and chased.

18. They are then chased by cops.

19. I chased the cat.

20. He is chased after.

21. The lamia chased after them.

22. The Devil chased them.

23. He is chased down by the man.

24. Federal cavalry chased Maj.

25. Chased by Alistair Scown.

26. He chased all the others.

27. Han's navy chased after him.

28. They were then chased.

29. The four are chased by goons.

30. The monkey chased the weasel.