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No. sentence
1 The confusion is all the more inexplicable given that we all grew up playing a game in which a volley was precisely characterised: Heads and Volleys. In that, if the ball bounced it was not a volley.
2 But otherwise his policy is characterised by a combination of realism and caution.
3 In the Metamorphoses, the account of Actaeon's death revolves around the virtuosic catalogue of his dogs, in which each member of the pack is named and briefly characterised.
4 The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) said that TQM strategies are characterised by the following.
5 But we perhaps exaggerate the grey or sable tinge, which undoubtedly characterised the mood and manners of the age.
6 Based on these findings, some studies suggest moderate beer consumption may help fight osteoporosis, a disease of the skeletal system characterised by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue.
7 It is depressing to read that the natural tendency of the elderly to resist change - essential for stewardship and often characterised by wisdom - is so disrespected.
8 As plants and natural materials are used, soil bioengineering structures are also characterised by their ability to evolve and adapt to their environment and constantly self-repair and grow.
9 Heraclitus believed that all things were characterised by pairs of contrary properties, for example one and the same thing may be both hot and cold.
10 familiar with the complacency and drift that has characterised NATO’s efforts in Afghanistan can be unimpressed by this new sense of purpose.
11 In the past four years, Spanish politics has been characterised by a rancorous bitterness.
12 In his view, the euro area is characterised by a succession of booms and busts, each in a single country.
13 This situation can be characterised generally as a trade-off between verbosity and flexiblity.
14 they report in this week's Nature, they have characterised the properties of a recently discovered element using two atoms.
15 Spaghetti westerns were characterised by the presence of more action and violence than the Hollywood westerns.
16 Third, advanced economies are characterised by a shift from manufacturing to services.
17 Germany's property market cannot even be loosely characterised as part of the global bubble.
18 Britain now is characterised by obscenity, reality television and adolescents whose sentences go up at the ends.
19 We don't ignore what has happened. Sometimes those things are facts on the ground which have characterised him.
20 The Europe characterised by its people and its differences will only be saved if neoliberal Europe is destroyed.
21 most part these are characterised - as is much of Asia - by a mouthwatering combination of fast economic growth, high savings rates and low competition.
22 This relationship can be characterised as a tragic love affair on the Jewish part, which was met with a deep phobia by Europe.
23 More positively, NATO is still in Afghanistan after nine long years, many of them characterised by America's neglect of the campaign while it was bogged down in Iraq.
24 She turned to a phenomenon called fibromyalgia, which is characterised by widespread pain across the body.
25 Ghana's 12-place decline in the index is blamed mostly on its worsening macroeconomic situation, characterised by large fiscal deficits, rising public debt and high inflation.
26 Moreover, if patterns of receptor-activation for other types of cancers can be characterised, the technique could be applied to all solid tumours (ie, cancers other than leukaemias and lymphomas).
27 There was a singular circumstance that characterised Mr. Dimmesdale's psychological state at this moment.
28 Traditionally, as Shillinglaw notes, the science audience has been characterised by its intellectual curiosity and the natural history audience by its expectation of emotional engagement.
29 official political objective that Danish sports should be for everyone, and sports activities are characterised by a parallel effort for the elite and the masses.
30 Previous Pig years have been characterised by severe weather patterns and this year will be no exception.