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No. sentence
1 If so, then use an appropriate editor and change the encoding of the input file.
2 You can change your sterling into the local currency at the airport.
3 Obviously, although correct at time of publishing, this addresses will be subject to change in the future.
4 People carry their phones around in pockets with keys and change.
5 We can imagine the one-screen design will be too fiddly for anyone with big fingers, but it works for us - you can just zip around the screen touching various areas to change the Settings.
6 traditional antenna does not actually change length, however.
7 So either you change your friends or live with the envy of others.
8 When I speak to my archbishop in San Francisco and his role is to try to change my mind on the subject, well then he is exercising his pastoral duty to me as one of his flock.
9 Unless, of course, I change my relationship to the device.
10 novelist and agent gave me their impressions of the device and how it will, if at all, change the way readers consume books.
11 Agile practitioners will tell you that in agile, scope can change at any time.
12 user can accept any of these matches, or change the search parameters directly from the result screen.
13 If we don't change it, however, marketing will continue to have productivity problems that will ultimately be more than twice the cost of the increased expense for sales.
14 But this study suggests that if the goal is increased equality, individual attitudes have to change.
15 The date should correspond to the timeframe when the analyst anticipates that part of the requirement will change or become obsolete.
16 For each requirement that contains multiple necessary states from now and into the future, a requirements analyst opens a change request record representing a review activity.
17 The limitations are that you cannot change any of the previously mentioned state in such a call.
18 But the larger reason we're ignoring climate change is that Al Gore was right: This truth is just too inconvenient.
19 Our plan does not change recognition of Pakistan as a sovereign government," he said. "We need to work with them and through them to deal with al-Qaida."
20 The study strengthens the case that so-called supervolcano eruptions lead to massive climate change and may be responsible for many of the most devastating mass murders in Earth's history.
21 One extreme heat wave or drought, of course, is not definitive proof of climate change.
22 scientists calculated the threat to rainforests from drought or forest fires as the world warms by looking at 16 different climate change models from research centres around the world.
23 It is seen as an opening bid ahead of the Copenhagen summit, due to set a new roadmap for global action against climate change, but it drew mixed reactions.
24 Another African summit, another disappointment. Any hope that the change of leadership in South Africa might bring change across the border in Zimbabwe has proved in vain.
25 In 2003 they decided to change that and they decided to raise the discount rate above the Federal Funds rate.
26 His retraction predicates a change of attitude.
27 Change that does not return to policies that empower government to make our choices for us, but that works to ensure that we have choices to make for ourselves.
28 To combat the rise of these diseases, policies in other sectors, like food, agriculture, and trade, must change.
29 Returns of 300% + should be easily attainable in the right conditions but do not give it back when the market conditions change.
30 This ties in with the change management that you are already using with your schema, and it also provides you with another backup copy of your development and Integration schemas.