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certain characteristics in a sentence

1. The law may identify a group based on certain characteristics.

2. Norena explains that Vives thought that the soul had certain characteristics.

3. The Hatha yoga texts state that a successful yogi has certain characteristics.

4. However, certain characteristics are common to all, or at least most, SPMs.

5. There are certain characteristics that make a reasonable hybrid rudiment;

6. Dello Joio's early works already reveal certain characteristics of his style.

7. Typically and not exclusively certain characteristics apply to each group.

8. However certain characteristics are common to all FMSs.

9. As members of Procellariiformes, they share certain characteristics.

10. A female will choose a male based on certain characteristics of his call.

11. The members of such families hold certain characteristics and functions.

12. Certain characteristics of violence against women have emerged from the research.

13. It can be used to reveal certain characteristics about the respective source.

14. but they all share certain characteristics that indicate a common origin.

15. The Upanishadic "Self" shares certain characteristics with nibbana;

16. The values indicate certain characteristics of a particular area of the image.

17. Recommendations for immunization programmes with certain characteristics.

18. Certain characteristics of Paramāņu correspond with that of sub-atomic particles.

19. This building shares certain characteristics with the others listed above.

20. Tang poetry has certain characteristics.

21. All flies can be identified from other species by certain characteristics.

22. All paper is endowed with certain characteristics by its maker.

23. Certain characteristics of violence against women have emerged from the research.

24. Whilst the route changes from year to year, it retains certain characteristics.

25. Each grade's insignia share certain characteristics.

26. Successful innovation leadership requires a leader with certain characteristics.

27. Many risk measures have hitherto been proposed, each having certain characteristics.

28. The main altar displays certain characteristics of van Vlierden's expressive forms.

29. Shot in Madrid, it has certain characteristics similar to Italian neorealism.

30. Spreaders of news may form communities with certain characteristics.