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ceremonial duties in a sentence

1. He performs ceremonial duties and holds no real power.

2. For ceremonial duties this force carries sabres, rather than firearms.

3. President of Ireland Mary McAleese performed the ceremonial duties.

4. as of 2020 a tender of THV Galatea is used for such ceremonial duties.

5. The mayor chairs performs ceremonial duties in the borough.

6. The mayor also has ceremonial duties.

7. The regular sections perform ceremonial duties and guards.

8. His few powers are ceremonial duties that he is required to perform.

9. Aside from ceremonial duties, military musicians have no secondary duties.

10. and fulfill other ecclesial and ceremonial duties.

11. one regimental battalion doing ceremonial duties, the other operational.

12. deploying overseas, they also perform ceremonial duties.

13. It is a position of both law enforcement and ceremonial duties.

14. They mainly perform ceremonial duties at civic functions.

15. Planché's new office also carried with it ceremonial duties.

16. The Regiment also fulfils many ceremonial duties.

17. This entailed only ceremonial duties.

18. He had numerous ceremonial duties.

19. Swords are carried for ceremonial duties.

20. At first the primary role was airfield security and ceremonial duties.

21. They also carried out some ceremonial duties.

22. It performed a number of civil and ceremonial duties.

23. The Zulu royal family still fulfils many important ceremonial duties.

24. Today they remain, performing ceremonial duties.

25. They are fighting regiments that also do ceremonial duties.

26. It also has ceremonial duties and assists in general policing.

27. The national guard also takes part in ceremonial duties in Tajikistan.

28. The provost is also responsible for performing ceremonial duties;

29. All army regiments also contain a regimental band for ceremonial duties.

30. Ceremonial duties and displays were stopped.