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cereal grains in a sentence

1. The first cereal grains were domesticated by early primitive humans.

2. Fruits and vegetables are commonly eaten along with cereal grains.

3. Gluten is a group of seed storage proteins found in cereal grains.

4. Most of the cereal grains are grown for livestock feed.

5. Rice, like other cereal grains, can be puffed (or popped).

6. and cereal grains.

7. Cereal grains were dried and ground by stone into flour.

8. Cereal grains were dried and ground by stone into flour.

9. Bran is the hard outer layer of cereal grains;

10. Other crops include cereal grains and potatoes.

11. Chiefly fruits, berries, flower-nectar, cereal grains and insects.

12. Cereal grains: Jowar and bajra.

13. Plant food includes cereal grains, berries and fruit.

14. and cereal grains.

15. They do not usually eat cereal grains, or monocots in general.

16. It is a common pest of cereal grains, especially flour.

17. Both corn and oats are cereal grains.

18. Examples include cereal grains, such as wheat, barley, and rice.

19. Wheat and corn are the primary cereal grains.

20. Ethanol in Canada is produced from cereal grains.

21. Körnicke was a leading authority on cereal grains, especially wheat.

22. In early civilizations cereal grains such as maize, wheat, barley etc.

23. The larvae feed on various grasses and cereal grains.

24. Canaanean blades were also used in the threshing of cereal grains.

25. Cereal grains are one of the main ingredient in animal feed.

26. Malt is germinated cereal grains that have been dried.

27. - an image of the Mother of God woven from cereal grains.

28. She later studied the heredity of cereal grains.

29. Cereal grains are not high sources of niacin.

30. The chief cereal grains produced were wheat and barley.