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centralized in a sentence

1. It was a highly centralized community.

2. Education in Iran is highly centralized.

3. (centralized ⟨w⟩).

4. (centralized ⟨ɯ⟩).

5. The structure is totally centralized.

6. Not centralized like with most people.

7. Guatemala is heavily centralized.

8. centralized warning system;

9. There was no centralized organization;

10. Education in Iran is highly centralized.

11. This is known as centralized cataloging.

12. a centralized composting system;

13. It was centralized in 1946.

14. It is a highly centralized, national exam.

15. A federation is a less centralized union.

16. He also centralized control over supply.

17. It was a highly centralized community.

18. All data is centralized in the cluster.

19. Although centralized forges such as GNA!

20. There was no centralized jail system.

21. Many countries use centralized tallying.

22. are centralized.

23. A centralized chimney heats the home.

24. Short vowels are slightly centralized;

25. The card production was centralized;

26. The Iatmul are not a centralized tribe.

27. Peru is a highly centralized country.

28. The layout of Benis is centralized;

29. and a Centralized Helpline.

30. centralized air conditioning;