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central tendency in a sentence

1. Also, measures of central tendency and variability can be very useful to describe an overview of the data.

2. Colloquially, measures of central tendency are often called averages.

3. The term central tendency dates from the late 1920s.

4. The most common measures of central tendency are the arithmetic mean, the median, and the mode.

5. The central tendency of a distribution is typically contrasted with its dispersion or variability;

6. dispersion and central tendency are the often characterized properties of distributions.

7. Analysis may judge whether data has a strong or a weak central tendency based on its dispersion.

8. Depending on the circumstances, it may be appropriate to transform the data before calculating a central tendency.

9. The median is the corresponding measure of central tendency.

10. Common measures of location, or central tendency, are the arithmetic mean, median, mode, and interquartile mean.

11. More specifically, optimal levels are generally close to a central tendency of the values found in the population.

12. The mean of a sample (a set of real numbers) is commonly used as a central tendency of the sample.

13. A truncated mean or trimmed mean is a statistical measure of central tendency, much like the mean and median.

14. The mode, i.e. the most common item, is allowed as the measure of central tendency for the nominal type.

15. The median, i.e. middle-ranked, item is allowed as the measure of central tendency;

16. however, the mean (or average) as the measure of central tendency is not allowed.

17. As a result, the central tendency of a set of categorical variables is given by its mode;

18. First, ceilings impair the ability of investigators to determine the central tendency of the data.

19. as such, it is a measure of central tendency.

20. The mean is not a robust measure of central tendency.

21. The median is a robust measure of central tendency.

22. Often, some measure of central tendency (mean or median) of the data is indicated by a horizontal reference line.

23. Since both are measures of central tendency, in some situations they will exhibit some similarity of behaviour.

24. Like the median, it is useful as an estimator of central tendency, robust against outliers.

25. Central tendency is one of the most common numerical descriptive measures.

26. The important thing is that it's not restricted to using only one of these measure of central tendency.

27. If the data being analyzed is categorical, then the only measure of central tendency that can be used is the mode.

28. other measures of central tendency, including the median or mode, are generally more appropriate.

29. However, simplicial depth fails to have some other desirable properties for robust measures of central tendency.

30. So, that completes central tendency and dispersion.