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No. sentence
1 The spring thaw caused the river to deluge the region.
2 For example, the roll-out of the new third-generation wireless phones and related community-wide antenna RF emissions in the Netherlands caused almost immediate public complaints of illness.
3 Neither side should delude itself that it can avoid the harm caused by an increased mutual antagonism; both should understand that a crisis in one country can hurt the other.
4 The answer, of course, is yes - whether caused by an earthquake or some other event or series of events.
5 But unlike their wealthy neighbours, who come via high-end realtors, the Shinnecock Indian Nation say they are the children of a goddess who caused the land to form beneath her feet.
6 The government predicates that the market collapse was caused by Asian financial crisis.
7 Future research, he says, should look at the behavior and ecology of these worms to understand what caused the new species to arise.
8 Thank Him for the difficulties in life that have caused you to recognize your spiritual needs, to mourn over sin, and to submit to His authority.
9 The latter is in short supply because of the rise in US savings, caused by the crisis but likely to persist.
10 This finding is similar to observations in Thailand, where a seawall at Patong Beach caused a splash-up of the tsunami wave and buildings behind it only suffered modest structural damages.
11 Fear caused his hair to rise.
12 Here's a more practical example of the confusion that can be caused by not knowing who owns an object.
13 In that decade, when central and eastern Europe were still part of the Soviet block, Europe suffered low growth and high unemployment caused by two oil shocks.
14 The famous painting above (Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening) by Salvador Dali, depicts this concept.
15 reason why one is fat is partly caused by overeating.
16 Curiosity caused me to complete the arc of the bridge and as I approached the cafe I quickly realized what was going on inside.
17 If one of these components fails to start because the connection is refused, the problem might be caused by firewall software running on the server's host.
18 The Cenozoic sedimentary thickness, which is smaller than the Lower Cretaceous denuded thickness, cannot make up heat losses caused by denudation.
19 This test should measure how the feature handles the load caused by large databases.
20 Nonetheless it has caused a bubbling debate over the rights of offenders vis-a-vis ordinary citizens to boil over.
21 The earthquake caused great damage.
22 His arrival [coming] caused a great stir.
23 The damp paper caused the ink to blur.
24 Cavities in teeth are caused by decay.
25 The accident was caused by human error.
26 accident was caused by carelessness.
27 Using a hammer, she put a big dent in it. It caused the statue to crack.
28 It does this by fitting small piezoelectric acoustic sensors to parts of the structure to detect the particular frequency of noise caused by a crack in aircraft-grade aluminium.
29 Some likened it to a rug, others to concrete, and players complained that it caused knee injuries.
30 A congenital lip deformity caused him to speak in a nasal, almost unintelligible whisper.