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1 Venture capitalists have always known that if executives have no skin in the game, the unscrupulous will find ways to abuse the trust of their backers.
2 applies, in reverse, to the currently despised capitalists.
3 The international capitalists dictate and the nation's sovereignty becomes a sham.
4 They have also attracted cash from venture capitalists who reckon they could become money-spinners.
5 When venture capitalists, private equity firms, and investment Banks pull up the stakes on their risky energy bets, new energy sources sit undeveloped and in the ground.
6 Yet the strikes do not reflect an unbridgeable divide between capital and Labour: rather, nearly all South Koreans are capitalists, and many of the strikers had voted for Mr Lee.
7 the Internet boom and intrigued with the opportunities presented by rising fuel prices, venture capitalists started betting on clean technology.
8 Venture capitalists have been literally besieged by researchers seeking their aid in conducting research.
9 But all venture capitalists should have to disclose their personal failure rates.
10 Despite the potential for acrimony, business angels and venture capitalists have to work together.
11 Capitalism has demonstrated that it is the best system for creating great fortunes. More capitalists should show that it is the best for getting rid of them, too.
12 Today, the power is shifting from the Silicon Valley "returnees" and venture capitalists to a new generation of locally trained and educated entrepreneurs.
13 He also presented himself, from the first, as one of those “national” or “patriotic” capitalists who had remained not to enrich himself (far from it!) but to help China end its poverty.
14 Capitalists can also go to where workers are abundant.
15 problem is that although many venture capitalists have been outstanding at raising cash, they have been pretty lousy at investing it.
16 history proves that the capitalists will never relinquish their property peacefully – to claim otherwise in the age of ‘Shock and Awe’ is either hopeless naivety or wilful deception.
17 Chinese venture capitalists invest in established industries, such as hotels and agriculture, or in copycat technologies.
18 Venture capitalists would not put so much money and effort into nurturing start-ups if they did not dream of a lucrative IPO.
19 five years, it worked on building its user base and perfecting its product, resisting pleas from venture capitalists to figure out how to make money.
20 In Das Kapital he asserted that workers were exploited by capitalists who profited from the added value of their Labour.
21 Many capitalists capitulated involuntarily, because Captain America initiated a "Decapitation Strike" on them, taking their cabbages away, which are their major capital!
22 Rather like the venture capitalists behind the American software industry, Mr Gates is a venture philanthropist: he backs schemes, assesses them and dumps failures.
23 The chaebol have proved themselves highly successful capitalists. Let them take care of themselves.
24 They usually have some personal connection with their chosen entrepreneur and are more likely than venture capitalists to invest in a business when it is little more than a budding idea.
25 Both of these companies are rapacious capitalists, and I'm not swayed by either Steve Job's impeccable taste or Google's "Don't be Evil" slogan.
26 Startups do not have that and it is one of the reasons why venture capitalists worry about the chasm.
27 From Stanford and Apple to Hollywood, it is a magnet for talent, which is why venture capitalists invest about as much money in California as in all other states combined.
28 Everyone can have their say and vote as they like so long as the big capitalists and the hired liars in the press and the media can decide what happens.
29 One investor recounts the conversation: "We said, okay Andrew, you took venture capital, and remember venture capitalists want an exit.
30 For those of us who start a new company rather than look for a new job, it's important to understand venture capital and venture capitalists.