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No. sentence
1 All our capital is locked up in that enterprise.
2 I remember meeting you one evening at the Capital Theatre.
3 Jubilant Libyan rebels have moved from the west into the centre of the capital, Tripoli, as Muammar Gaddafi's sons and defenders lose their grip on the state.
4 And although capital levels are better than before, the quality of the loans and securities that Banks hold is still unclear.
5 But the company is also cutting its capital expenditure, which will hurt its long-term growth, and selling assets.
6 We plant the seed but over time we push them toward capital markets so they can raise sufficient funding.
7 They managed to get some outside funding - either from venture capital or over-inflated stock prices - and they spent like there was no tomorrow.
8 Higher prices for food and oil, as well as other "external shocks" - such as volatile capital flows from the uncertainties in the Middle East - are undermining economic confidence in Asia Pacific.
9 famous actress is now appearing at the Capital Theatre.
10 traffic in Lagos, Nigeria’s chaotic business capital, is enough to make the most patient of travellers go mad.
11 For centuries, trade bustled between their former capital, Fez, and cities on the western side of present-day Algeria, such as Oran.
12 Since the middle of 2007, Morgan Stanley has raised about twenty billion dollars in new capital and cut in half its leverage ratio-the total value of its assets divided by its capital.
13 He argued in favour of capital punishment.
14 The main objects in the room are given capital letters - Rug, Bed, Wall - a -wonderful choice, because to Jack, they are named beings.
15 He noted particularly the rejection of the right of return for Palestinian refugees, and the refusal to allow east Jerusalem to be a capital for a Palestinian state.
16 Blue Nile adopted a virtual model, in which it provides a shop window for suppliers yet does not put any of its own capital at risk.
17 So they are happy to ensure developers have the capital to bid extravagantly at land auctions.
18 In fact, living costs in the capital, Pyongyang, have not risen much.
19 The business landscape is littered with would-be entrepreneurs who've stumbled in their search for startup capital.
20 AS the road approaches Kisumu, Kenya's third-biggest city and capital of the Luos, the country's third biggest but angriest ethnic group, it becomes littered with rubble and burnt vehicles.
21 All these examples illustrate the general rule that capital, like water, tends to flow around obstacles. Try to dam its movement at one point, and slowly but remorselessly it will find its way around.
22 LIKE drinkers in an English pub who crowd the bar well before the bell is rung for last orders, Europe's Banks are jostling to get to the front of the queue to raise extra capital.
23 them to prove it," he told reporters in the capital Tripoli.
24 The squeal of the air raid sirens in the Iraqi capital preceded the ringing explosions, cutting through an eerie silence that enveloped the city as night fell.
25 the acrid smoke and smog that enveloped the capital, off and on this week, has returned forcing many to wear face masks outdoors.
26 For all the ease with which Banks have tapped new capital in the past few weeks, they will be more cautious lenders now.
27 A few companies have tapped new pools of capital, like sovereign-wealth funds, to bolster their finances.
28 Now this oasis of freedom for women, surrounded by the misogynist desert of the capital city, is undergoing a rebirth.
29 Shipments of capital goods fell 1.5% on a core basis, which excludes aircraft and defense spending, while orders tumbled 8%.
30 Capital spending tumbled during the recession more than it had at any time since the Great Depression.