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canonic in a sentence

1. Alexandrian scholars numbered him in their canonic nine (one lyric poet per Muse).

2. The ballet Swan Lake is among the most canonic of classical ballets.

3. some are canonic;

4. The canonic interplay in the upper voices features many suspensions.

5. Of the three classical canonic orders, the Ionic order has the narrowest columns.

6. Von Bülow points out "the canonic dialogue between the two parts".

7. Both Atmosphères and Lontano have a dense canonic structure.

8. and there are numerous other works which include canonic sections.

9. Among those is the canonic and authentic hadith by al-Muslim &

10. In each case, a figure in sixteenth notes follows in canonic imitation.

11. the five Canonic Variations, BWV 769 were composed towards the end of his life.

12. But Epicurus presented his 'canonic' as rival to Aristotle's logic.

13. The story has become canonic

14. Again, the story has become canonic;

15. With micro-canonic choice, the metropolis method must be employed.

16. civil and canonic law of the Middle Ages and archeology of the Middle Ages.

17. It adopts canonic imitation between the voice and continuo parts.

18. The tagh is basically a lyric song but it is not canonic like the sharakan.

19. On Borrowed Experience has had a revival in Canonic Texts.

20. Some of the most important early examples of canonic architecture are religious.

21. The trio is also canonic with the response to the melody played upside down.


23. The middle section contains two similar canonic developments.

24. The textures are canonic and recall Stravinsky's late twelve-tone technique.

25. The third movement also has a blues character with canonic passages.

26. However, even though it has canonic elements, it is mostly a rhapsodic piece.

27. canonic chorale prelude (C) with the chorale in canon between two voices;

28. pragmatic, iconic, analogic and canonic.

29. All containers provide two canonic event types: data change and content complete.

30. F. Doppler Duettino American, op. 37 p. Hindemith Canonic Sonata, op. 31 no. 3.