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No. sentence
1 If you can use a word correctly and effectively, you comprehend it.
2 still a bit left. Can you eat some more?
3 They understand the data far better than we do, so a little bit of effective collaboration with them can dramatically reduce overall development costs.
4 me up so I can look in the window.
5 You can easily fake up an excuse to avoid going out with him.
6 You can hive off some of the work to us if necessary.
7 Now the hard winter has gone, we can cast off our winter clothing.
8 Not only that, it can give us nourishment at any time, though they are nibbled for several thousands of years, they are still fresh.
9 What he can do is just wishing away again and again.
10 Once that protection is lost, and the integrity of the skin barrier disrupted, skin becomes dry - which means it can crack, peel, itch, burn, sting, or any combination," says Crutchfield.
11 I shall count up to ten and then we can begin.
12 You ate them for money. You can eat them for love.
13 Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying, How can this man give us his flesh to eat?
14 If you are a vegetarian, wherever it says animal flesh, you can replace it with tofu, beans, peas, and nuts.
15 I think you can weave a story around this incident.
16 If your new coat is too large, a tailor can alter it to fit you.
17 SSL can have some performance impacts because every piece of data sent to and from the server must be decrypted.
18 We can focus on that revenue piece.
19 This means that, unless you say otherwise, no one can perform a piece written by you or make copies of it, even with attribution, unless you give the OK.
20 He can outthink me only in the field of the society.
21 As the leader of this office, she can work with everyone.
22 What can I stick this on with?
23 No one can rival him in this respect.
24 This coupon can be redeemed at any of our branches.
25 We can gain some time if we cut across this field.
26 I can smell some nice bread and biscuits.
27 We can go to a very nice restaurant or a nightclub. Whatever you like.
28 We can go to a very nice restaurant or a nightclub.
29 This is because we attribute wealth to how much nice stuff we can buy.
30 Can you spare one of them for me?