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camouflage in a sentence

1. it is a form of active camouflage.

2. Camouflage training.

3. This helps them to camouflage.

4. Camouflage of the gecko.

5. they serve only as camouflage.

6. This pattern is for camouflage;

7. Adults also make use of camouflage.

8. 1954 Volvo TP21 M/90 Camouflage.

9. Camouflage for desert operations.

10. Camouflage is not only visual;

11. That is why hunters use camouflage.

12. to use camouflage properly;

13. Camouflage may also refer to:

14. You have to camouflage yourself.

15. Camouflage nets may also be used.

16. Dentrix G6 uses Data Camouflage.

17. Camouflage was used heavily.

18. Camouflage and concealment.

19. Its color is a form of camouflage.

20. Gray was not chosen for camouflage.

21. Coral and Camouflage.

22. AKETON Hide- camouflage screens.

23. All songs written by Camouflage.

24. Marine camouflage may refer to:

25. All songs written by Camouflage.

26. Sykes replied "Camouflage, sir".

27. The Camouflage Development &

28. Soldiers in winter camouflage.

29. Hungarian camouflage pattern 2015M;

30. Chaos is great camouflage.