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No. sentence
1 The company gave me dunning letters and calls.
2 We are not only inferring emotions during phone calls, but the emotions of the people close to the phones whether in a pub or during a meeting at work.
3 We've been getting calls from around the country," about antenna issues, Carpenter says.
4 Kim calls everyone she can think of, but no one has heard from Teri.
5 Kim calls Rick, and explains that although Nina is pushing her to confess, she is covering for him.
6 When a module that you are testing calls another module, you should select both modules to be part of the test.
7 The ship calls in at every port along the coast.
8 All access and modifications to the data should be through function calls.
9 Its use for config files, remote procedure calls, object serialization, database dumps, and similar developer-oriented tasks wasn't anticipated or planned for.
10 He calls them Mom and Dad.
11 As stated earlier, we used direct JDBC calls for our complex query operations to avoid the performance overhead in EJB2 query.
12 Some people refused to go to work out of solidarity with the calls for higher wages, but others said they stayed home because they were simply afraid of trouble.
13 solution to this dilemma, adopted in more than one emulator, is to set up an extra layer of interpretation for file system calls.
14 Maybe we can lure them out. You know any bird calls?
15 Senator John McCain calls the project “a train wreck”.
16 It allows developers to explore a code execution path by showing all calls to, or calls from, a selected method.
17 This method dramatically reduces the overhead due to a large number of system calls and data copies between kernel and user Spaces.
18 A hooligan persecuted her with telephone calls.
19 Then after arriving in London tomorrow afternoon, he will give a joint press conference with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, to repeat calls for regulatory measures.
20 The third and final phase of the agreement calls for Pyongyang to permanently dismantle all its nuclear facilities and hand over all nuclear materials.
21 I was lucky to have stumbled onto online poker when I was 18. It was one of my early wake up calls.
22 But for couples who are able to avoid that destructive behavior-or what Sandy calls "unskillful ways to deal with differences" -conflict from time to time can be like relationship therapy.
23 Often one service calls another service in a chain to determine the response to a request from a consumer.
24 It maintains the file descriptor state on the requested file descriptor set across system calls.
25 In this example, the server responds to all calls with an updated item list.
26 What the court calls libel is, in most countries, called journalism.
27 When an event occurs, the adapter calls your module and passes the business data related to that event to your module using the export.
28 hours ticked by slowly. My husband and I made numerous phone calls to try and determine their location and relay our medical concerns.
29 Their yell at the top of the world seems to Sal something that calls for a replacement; it calls for some other prophet to come walking ragged towards them and make them fall silent with his word.
30 Pakistan's generals say their new tactical weapons will meet a threat from India's Cold Start doctrine, adopted in 2004, that calls for rapid, punitive, though conventional thrusts against Pakistan.