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No. sentence
1 She called Chua's description of filial devotion "twisted, " but didn't totally disagree with her either.
2 He was dozing in the hammock when I called.
3 When you called me, we were schmoozing.
4 The branch or bud that is grafted is called the scion.
5 He called and called but no one came to his assistance.
6 He called in to say goodbye.
7 Before the bubble fully burst, Peck found another job as the marketing manager at a small software-development company called SDSol Technologies.
8 They had been dueling for hours and finally called a draw.
9 Bathed in xenon spotlights, the white spaceship, attached to its twin solid rocket boosters and orange external fuel tank, crept 3.4 miles on the back of an enormous tractor called the Crawler.
10 While they can hardly be called secrets, for some reason people either do not understand or they underestimate the power of these ideas.
11 Tom hasn't been told that mum might be leaving him alone with grandma some evenings to go out and see a man called Chris, and that those hills might be the view from his bedroom for years to come.
12 However, if you do so, be aware that these methods might not be called when or as many times as you expect.
13 It's interesting to see how one class of languages, called dynamic languages, have become the language of choice for implementing many applications.
14 The mythological source is in the sort of mythological character of the God called Eros, who is the God of love, the son of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love.
15 stock market called every depression and recovery since 1930.
16 The site was later given a new generic domain name and what Shah called a scary but exciting lesson was learned.
17 Since its launch on 2 November 2005, Mechanical Turk has gradually built up a following - there is a forum for "Turkers" called Turker Nation, which appears to have light-to-medium level patronage.
18 Thurston started getting into this whole "Internet" thing in simpler times when the social web was called Usenet.
19 Tynan writes a blog called Thank You For Not Sharing, which says it includes "a fair amount of whining." (it's really quite funny.)
20 This file tells the application manager that it should create an entry for an application called dW Cam which is actually implemented by /usr/bin/dwcam.
21 function that is called when a user submits a page actually validates for minimum occurrences.
22 In one of the defining phrases of 2007, the author and investor Nassim Taleb has called these occurrences "black swans" -unexpected events that have enormous consequences.
23 A rebel television broadcast called on the people of Tripoli to be ready for their arrival.
24 According to the writer Walter Ellis, author of a book called the Oxbridge Conspiracy, Britain is still dominated by the old-boy network: it isn't what you know that matters, but who you know.
25 Someone called you just now.
26 A suggested explanation, so long as its correctness is still in doubt, is called a hypothesis.
27 It's an interesting point: if a car is badly screwed together near Birmingham by a bunch of blokes called Derek, does that make it unattractive, or merely unreliable?
28 They might be called the "peace corps" of economists, bringing the blessing of their investigative technique to the neglected villages of India or the denuded farms of western Kenya.
29 will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servantsand entrusted his property to them.
30 Radack, ethics adviser at the Department of Justice: I was called with the specific question of whether or not the F.B.I. on the ground could interrogate [Lindh] without counsel.