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No. sentence
1 Call me Tom, don't surname me.
2 Please call if you require assistance.
3 At first they resisted the call for reform.
4 I've successfully grafted in a call to the added code at each store into the Bean.m_a field (one in the constructor and one in the set method).
5 call you back tomorrow morning when I get more information.
6 I didn't call the principal or suggest that the mother do so.
7 The buildings that were built before the age of air conditioners were designed as green buildings-they just didn't call it that," says Peck.
8 lawyers reserve the right to challenge the fee committee's decisions at the end of the case, but the ultimate call will be up to the bankruptcy judge, James Peck.
9 He then asks her to include Kim on the call, and Jack pledges his love to them, vowing to come to their rescue.
10 We make the static call in Listing 7.
11 The limitations are that you cannot change any of the previously mentioned state in such a call.
12 of collecting money from these threats was so huge, they had set up a 1-800-DONT-SUE-ME-style call centre.
13 Indians call it "playing colors" a jubilant scrum of horseplay and body painting.
14 Someone made the suggestion that perhaps the President should call the new majority leader.
15 The government misjudged the mood of the country when it decided to call an election.
16 So the solution to this funding crisis, if that is what you want to call it, could be for the PBoC to raise deposit rates, attracting more deposits to the Banks.
17 The second call is at Butterworth, the mainland port that looks across to the island of Penang; here, travellers are taken across the straits to visit the island.
18 Therefore I will call him Mr.
19 Well, this is just one level of above giving the checker and the raw data Student: IMPERCEPTIBLE Prof: What did you call that?
20 By creating what I call a "story goal," you are actually giving yourself a task — something to do.
21 do that then was really to be severed from your ties. To make a phone call I had to wait in line at a phone place and it was not easy.
22 Many people call the age we live in the age of technology.
23 They call because they don't know what to do next after losing their savings.
24 On this observance of World malaria Day, I call on all partners to increase investments in both research and programmes to defeat malaria.
25 One of the other lessons I got as a manager, when I first started managing, I used a technique that I call management by whining which is I would notice things I didn't like and bitch about them.
26 So, just as in a software project, we have a conference call with all the stakeholders.
27 You can also call any command or function in the prompt, as mentioned earlier.
28 That way if you ever have to change the way you search, you can change it in one place and it gets fixed in all your test scripts that call that module.
29 But we call him "Big Jim" because he's so short.
30 They call it "the Venice of the North" and "beauty on water".