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No. sentence
1 His cadres would kill him, and burn the body; he would squeeze himself into a submarine; he would bite on the cyanide capsule that hung on a black string round his neck.
2 Cadres should go deep among the masses, not just sit in their offices issuing orders.
3 The local cadres who went along with me solved her problem very soon.
4 He's only using these words to shut the cadres' mouths.
5 Two leading cadres came down from the provincial capital yesterday.
6 Responsible cadres at various levels must take the lead and study well.
7 Sponging and taking more than one's share and extravagance and waste on the part of cadres must be banned.
8 To be responsible for arranging medicare, life welfare and health maintenance service for retired cadres.
9 To be responsible for the daily administration of the leadership and leading cadres of related financial institutions.
10 organize retired cadres to read and study documents and participate in political activities.
11 To continuously train a large number of outstanding young cadres is of fundamental importance for carrying on the cause of the Party and the people from generation to generation.
12 Leading cadres at all levels should faithfully perform their official duties according to law as industrious, honest and efficient administrators.
13 Villager after villager said their compensation was skimmed by cadres, usually by undervaluing the farmers' plots of land and over-estimating their own holdings.
14 explore and improve the system of classified management of cadres and personnel in Party and government organs, institutions and enterprises.
15 Both sides should continue to hold theory seminars, expand cooperation in training party and government cadres, and learn from each other on party building and state governance.
16 reform and improve the system of dual control over cadres.
17 Leading cadres should not seek for personal privileges.
18 To be responsible for the inspection and guidance on the work for retired cadres of the directly affiliated institutions and pass and convey related documents to them.
19 good troublemaker should be made an official, " they claimed, arguing that most of the older cadres were "bourgeois-democrats".
20 continue to do well the work related to retired cadres.
21 We must enforce stricter oversight over the whole process of selecting and appointing cadres.
22 assist the Personnel Department to carry out check on the cadres of the Ministry and formulate suggestion and advice on appoint and remove, transfer, rewards and punishment of the cadres.
23 development of our countrys higher education highlights the importance and urgency to strengthen the staff construction of cadres of personnel management.
24 Old and young cadres learn from each other and encourage each other.
25 speech knowledge training for Fancheng District People's Congress's cadres in the third floor meeting-room of the local People's Congress on June 18, 2010.
26 The principle of Party Managing Cadres is an important principle that must be upholded in the reform of state-owned enterprises, which can not be oscillated at any time.
27 They may under the village cadre's initiative, attempt unceasingly, plant each industrial crop, the crop are good.
28 But a few cadres started to vacillate.
29 overall lack of upward mobility, argues Mr Philippon, contributes largely to ordinary French cadres’ dissatisfaction with corporate life.
30 the pretext of travelling on business, (some cadres) go holidaying and waste public money.