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burdensome in a sentence

1. "burdensome", pronounced [ˈ(ʔ)amasai]).

2. Her family proved to be complex and burdensome for Micheaux.

3. The War Labor Disputes Act proved very burdensome.

4. The necessary police regulations are exceedingly burdensome."

5. Yet he enjoys very little from these unfair and burdensome levies.

6. And that was becoming burdensome.

7. Production of documents can be challenged as being burdensome.

8. The condition of being an outsider was not burdensome.

9. debts did not fall and they became more burdensome.

10. his affair with Léda became more and more burdensome.

11. Landy was soon discharged due to his burdensome fees.

12. Performance measurements can be burdensome on doctors;

13. the process was routine and not burdensome.

14. He found it burdensome, but she would not let him even rest.

15. One told him that March, which was the month, was very burdensome;

16. Piety was not burdensome to him.

17. This kind of dynamic can be burdensome and time consuming.

18. Deceitful and burdensome days will come;

19. ceremonies when burdensome lead to disorder.

20. The War Labor Disputes Act proved very burdensome.

21. Customs and trade regulations are especially burdensome to firms.

22. It was too nerve-wracking and burdensome.

23. The marriage was burdensome on Bogislaw.

24. However, he soon found it burdensome and tiresome.

25. Here too the project was deemed too burdensome.

26. Unlike the self-less one, the self is a burdensome entity.

27. Her menagerie of pets were burdensome to the townspeople.

28. A taskmaster is a supervisor who imposes hard or burdensome work.

29. Ultimately, he left that job due to burdensome overtime hours.

30. Obviously, that would be quite burdensome for the user.