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No. sentence
1 If we had listened to them, this hydropower station would never have been built.
2 The buildings that were built before the age of air conditioners were designed as green buildings-they just didn't call it that," says Peck.
3 If you mess it up, all the security built on top of it is suspect.
4 these houses, there are kangs built of stone or brick.
5 This would allow customers using multiple tools built by different parts of IBM to have a more integrated experience as they switched from one tool to another.
6 This step recognizes that the software that realizes a given service must be selected or custom built.
7 The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan ordered it built after the death of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.
8 The Taj, built in the 1600s by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a shrine for his wife, is a World Heritage site.
9 facade of a Xi Guan house was generally built with grey bricks.
10 A good relationship is built on trust.
11 Since its launch on 2 November 2005, Mechanical Turk has gradually built up a following - there is a forum for "Turkers" called Turker Nation, which appears to have light-to-medium level patronage.
12 must have the house built, even if I have to spend a lot of money.
13 These special translation tags not only lend a logical organization to the XML structure, they also allow an application built around an XML parser to understand how to process the globalized data.
14 But a team led by Iain Anderson, the head of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute's Biomimetics Lab, has built an entire menagerie of muscle-powered motors.
15 They built a moat to encompass the castle.
16 Built at the beginning of the 11th century, Lincoln Castle served as home of the legendary William the Conqueror.
17 on how, when and why it was built, the Castlerigg is not a full circle and is flattened on the northeast.
18 We built another data model to provide content for horizontal and vertical menu buttons that control the content of the headers and the table.
19 Most of this software is built by the climate scientists themselves, who have little or no training in software engineering," said Easterbrook in his paper.
20 Both disciplines are built around the concept that understanding the customer's business context is the key to success.
21 In 2008, they built a "nest" of branches on the balcony of the Russian pavilion at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice and have exhibited in Paris and Luxembourg.
22 Venice, a city of beauty and charm, was built as a collection of 118 separate islands, relying entirely on a canal system of about 150 canals, mostly very narrow, crossed by some 400 Bridges.
23 Tsai has three young children, but his days are spent with his players, with potential donors and at the construction site where a new county stadium is being built.
24 My parents built this business with years of hard work.
25 China has three operational DAMS on the river's headwaters in Yunnan and two more are being built.
26 Kunming's success is built on a manufacturing and industrial base.
27 Today, or maybe tomorrow, he will have to put on a concert at a few hours notice - the stage built on the day.
28 The USPS used an elaborate system ofpneumatic tubes during the early 19th century, but London took anentirely different approach and built this scaled-down railroad systemto be used only for parcels.
29 The windiest sites have not been built, because there is no way to move that electricity from there to the load centers," he said.
30 They built her up into a great success.