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budgets in a sentence

1. The budgets ballooned.

2. reduced the budgets of Flynn's films.

3. The response was to cut education budgets.

4. Budgets must be approved by voters.

5. A different procedure exists for budgets.

6. He will set the budgets."

7. The budgets are gone.

8. All of the provinces also present budgets.

9. He presented four budgets to Parliament.

10. Remember them in your budgets."

11. Budgets for big parties were much tighter.

12. Local budgets follow the same procedures.

13. Budgets for their films grew.

14. Castro "believes in balanced budgets".

15. from FP6 onward budgets were in Euros.

16. three of his eight budgets had a surplus.

17. In addition, executives oversee budgets.

18. But clubs have solid budgets;

19. Budgets And Funding Officer.

20. Harper's government introduced 9 budgets.

21. Budgets were balanced.

22. Poors. Balanced budgets since 2001.

23. to replace the ETS with carbon budgets;

24. In his successive Budgets Hon.

25. For the 2010–11 and 2009–10 budgets.

26. The Center had two operating budgets.

27. It also mandates interim, 5-year budgets.

28. We were staying within budgets.

29. Exceeding budgets can be a risk.

30. You voted for almost all of his budgets.