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1 I believe testers have the opportunity to contribute broadly to the project in each of the RUP phases.
2 I welcome those efforts and, more broadly, the work of ITU and others to promote broadband access in rural and remote areas around the world.
3 Discontent came both from countries, such as Bolivia, that are opposed to the accord and all its works as well as from some of those, such as America, that are broadly in favour.
4 Broadly speaking, this measures a person's tendency to attribute events in their lives to themselves (internal attribution) or to other people or luck (external).
5 Very broadly, there are three levers that officials can pull to make property safer.
6 Data that passes through a message queuing infrastructure can be broadly separated into two categories: query and business-critical.
7 a persuasive modern advocate in Dale Carnegie, a teacher of public speaking who decided in 1936 that Americans needed educating more broadly in “the fine art of getting along”.
8 Revised rules, which should spread the benefits more broadly through procurement, employment and social programmes, are at least some improvement on how things have been done in the past.
9 content of the examination overall emphasizes applying "classic" RUP for large projects, which is broadly applicable across much of the software development industry.
10 The 1935 National Labour Relations Act has never been construed so broadly.
11 The researchers also chose to pool information from a "large, diverse" sample of U.S. hospitals, as earlier studies on single institutions produced findings that may not be broadly applicable.
12 Those who have exercised their right to peaceful assembly represent the greatness of the Egyptian people, and are broadly representative of Egyptian society.
13 Then, we implement the law by communicating it broadly to the public and translating it to clear and enforceable rules.
14 Your business strategy comes from how you desire to execute (broadly) on delivering value, which is then reflected in company culture.
15 But if you look more broadly at the impact of technology across every industry, it doesn't look so great.
16 Broadly speaking, he is more successful in explaining the West's triumph than in forecasting its fate.
17 That set the stage for the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 1973 at around midnight local time Thursday, which promised all measures to protect the city, and Libyan civilians more broadly.
18 This overview page is optimized more broadly because it covers the entire series.
19 But Mr Obama can at least say that his improvised responses to the fast-moving Arab awakening have conformed broadly to the principles he laid out in his thoughtful speeches in Cairo and Oslo.
20 The researchers wanted to know whether the sensation of weightiness might influence people's judgments more broadly.
21 The Economist's readers, like Canadians more broadly, were divided on whether the Liberals did the right thing: 49% of them supported the party's effort to force an election, and 51% opposed it.
22 These grim projections assume that welfare spending, the biggest single public outlay, will remain broadly intact.
23 More broadly, they feel they're being punished even though they did nothing wrong, while those whom they blame for the whole mess — the bankers — got bailed out and are raking it in.
24 Still, most enterprises adopted these tools very broadly and investors in these companies profited.
25 consensus still remains broadly bullish, with analysts arguing that the market could turn in the next couple of months.
26 The term tool in conjunction with some applications seems rather mutually exclusive unless you broadly associate tools for entertainment into your definition.
27 now there are sensible, mature arguments to be had about debt relief, and a grown-up debate to be had about the effectiveness of overseas development aid more broadly. Not inside this hall.
28 To do that, we need to look more broadly at primates and include lemurs in cognition research.
29 And it should also celebrate bamboo capitalism more broadly.
30 This study appears to be broadly consistent with known estimated risks, though we look forward to examining it in more detail.