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1 SP: We hope to see a broader OASIS membership joining the SCA effort to validate and drive further the development and adoption of SCA technology.
2 But for the broader population, the remedy must besought elsewhere.
3 Several officials said they were particularly concerned that the graffiti had extended beyond gang markers, suggesting a broader group of offenders who consider more of their community a canvas.
4 But meditation is a much broader term than many people realize, and the reverential monk image respresents only a minute fraction of what the world of meditation actually consists of.
5 But if you only interview people with accomplishments, then you have a much broader base to work from.
6 For example, in recent months mainstream British Banks have been drawn, sometimes screaming, into doing more to assist the broader society.
7 There is some debate, however, as to whether results on individual tests of specific abilities may be more helpful than results on tests of broader factors, like general intelligence.
8 I will then discuss specific agenda items for this session in terms of their place within this broader context of events and trends.
9 Whereas success at a typical company means climbing to one of a few top positions-and probably elbowing others aside in the process-partnerships provide a broader top to the pyramid.
10 Amsterdam in the golden age of the 17th century also comes close, but that's putting a lot of weight on culture, and we need something broader.
11 As you explore and use the tools, share them with the broader community so everyone grows in knowledge.
12 A shift from traditional food aid to a broader concept of food and nutrition assistance must be part of this New Deal.
13 Some advocates of the tax, however, eye broader benefits.
14 The Banking Committee testimony is part of a broader lobbying campaign that includes parts suppliers and dealers.
15 So we wanted to ensure that it's not just about software development of new custom applications but the broader notion of how to more effectively deliver software.
16 Today, our economies are entwined and so are our futures. Relations are far broader and deeper than even Dr. Kissinger and his colleagues could have imagined all those years ago.
17 We utilise broker research for the base data provided to aid us in coming up with our own forecasts and recommendation on the stock and to gauge the feeling of the broader market towards the stock.
18 does not support actions to oust Gadhafi, and imposes serious restrictions on the coalition's ability to assist the rebels and achieve broader political goals.
19 It's also about broader policy - fixing poverty and drug abuse and so on.
20 The seed vault is part of a far broader effort to gather and classify information about plants and their genes.
21 This new feature has a big impact because it will allow PHP to support a broader set of characters for international support.
22 Finally, you will see GTK + in a broader view — as a project with a lively community that can help you build applications that will better serve your users.
23 network (in the broader sense of the Internet plus the phone networks) pervades everything now.
24 of the rich, we should be looking at the broader population.
25 But they also say some broader Bush administration goals, such as establishing a western-style democracy and society, may be put aside, at least for the next several years.
26 In the panicked climate of last fall, concern about a broader "run" by money-market depositors caused the Treasury to step in with an unusual guarantee.
27 Definitions and rules are hard not just because the tools of war have changed, but because cyberspace puts them into the hands of a broader group of people.
28 But the broader music industry, like other entertainment fields, has always worked on a tournament model: a lot of starving artists hoping to be among the few who make it big.
29 shares of salt producers higher Thursday, bucking the weakness in the broader market.
30 These demands have already transformed many traditional development teams into software delivery organizations that field a broader set of responsibilities.