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No. sentence
1 We must rally the broad masses of the people round the Party.
2 Dust swirled on the broad stairway.
3 I'm not saying what we think, but some of them are pretty tall, with broad shoulders.
4 Another thing I like is that their definition of analyst is very broad.
5 market supports so many companies because the notion of static analysis is broad.
6 But he says pressure for broad reform on the next Cuban leader, from inside Cuba and outside, will grow.
7 As trading partners with broad and close ties, both countries should not allow differences on some issues to affect their cooperation in areas of common interests.
8 In Los Angeles, billionaire Eli Broad is overseeing the construction of "the Broad," a new building downtown near MOCA (the museum of Contemporary Art) on Grand Ave.
9 We place the hope on the broad masses.
10 The river opens up suddenly into a broad estuary.
11 He did have the characteristically broad chin and nose.
12 There are, however, broad truths and techniques for strategic decision-makers, and these are explored in this book.
13 Clearly, that hour of lunch at Bell Labs opened up a technological development path that was as broad and deep as nearly any in the 20th century.
14 Di Achille said the shoreline evidence was found along a broad delta and included a series of alternating ridges and troughs thought to be surviving remnants of beach deposits.
15 They went so far as to rip off Banks in broad daylight.
16 They crossed from the west of the broad creek high above the house moving steadily to the east.
17 While showing them how broad and how civilized the outer world is, I was deeply touched by their eagerness to learn, their honesty and their purity.
18 Scientists talk of a broad north-south divide in Europe, with the Dutch, Germans, Scandinavians and Baltics consuming few antibiotics, but lots being guzzled in the Mediterranean.
19 Their broad, ugly, kindly faces watch in the sunlight as I write, and their breathing is quiet under the hill.
20 emphasis on bottom-up collaboration and the broad dissemination of knowledge, the online encyclopedia is in many ways an incarnation of the fundamental values of the web.
21 Fossil hunters have uncovered the remains of primitive crocodiles that "galloped" on land and patrolled the broad rivers that coursed through north Africa one hundred million years ago.
22 Third in importance is the Broad, or fava, Bean (Vicia faba), the principal Bean of Europe.
23 His broad shoulders were hunched forward and his chin jutted out as though the thoughts in his mind were not pleasant.
24 One approach to handling this broad set of problems efficiently is through massively parallel computations on relatively inexpensive hardware.
25 the report on chronic diseases makes clear, we have many excellent opportunities for prevention and a broad range of interventions that are cost-effective in all our regions.
26 The man had measured the length of their arms; checked with calipers the thickness of the skin below their eyebrows; had them execute the standing broad jump and a complex version of hopscotch.
27 In the broad, deep pit lay the bodies of their dead comrades.
28 The results reveal that after the impounding, Tunaozi Shoal transformed basically from convex-bank entrenched meander to shallow broad river, and will further develop to a concave-bank deep channel.
29 Providing museum visitors with a diverse range of art from around the world promotes inquiry, tolerance and broad knowledge.
30 ideal for tools management is to base a processing architecture on standards, to leverage the contributed experience of many others, and to solve common problems in a broad community.