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No. sentence
1 He'll need help to bring the computer down.
2 These efforts will surely bring forth good fruit.
3 We need a mindfulness bell to bring us back to the essentials, and paring down is that bell for me.
4 We have to weigh the cost of the new system against the benefits it will bring.
5 talk to someone or watch something on TV while eating just bring your attention back to your food for each and every bite, be mindful, enjoy the crunching and the tastes.
6 I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.
7 Your husband told me to bring this to you, Mrs. Baroda, " he said, handing her a filmy, white scarf with which she sometimes enveloped her head and shoulders.
8 Another African summit, another disappointment. Any hope that the change of leadership in South Africa might bring change across the border in Zimbabwe has proved in vain.
9 Secretary Rice says the United States expects Pakistan to fully cooperate with India in determining who is responsible for the Mumbai attack and helping to bring them to justice.
10 a man to Jingzhou to substitute for General Guan and bring Guan back before we go into battle.
11 could bring enormous benefits if I could convince Congress to pass the budget, and if it got the hoped-for response from the Federal Reserve and the bond market.
12 I never doubted you; I was sure you would bring me the money.
13 Choose only those pictures and paintings that bring peaceful feelings to the fore when you look at them.
14 He has also taken a personal and professional interest in ways to combat the traffic problems that bring Auckland to a crawl and cost an estimated $1 billion a year in lost productivity.
15 Yoga seeks to bring harmony across all levels of our existence, from the body, breath, mind, spirit, etc., and unite them in harmony.
16 Bring your guests into the kitchen while you prepare a meal or snack and give them jobs.
17 Bring a snack, especially for long practices, competitions, or all-day events.
18 Adrian Goubic, the Linden Center's director of operations, says if Dali became a World Heritage site, it 'would bring in the money that could be used for proper preservation.'
19 If you do not mind, I may bring it back to you next time I go to Canada.
20 I were Pat Riley, I'd bring in a psychologist. And I'd say hey, man, you screwed up. But it's over.
21 But after lobbying by News International and the Daily Mail ministers agreed not to bring it into force.
22 Bring me the book on your desk.
23 Our beloveds hold great significance for us and this makes these people a source of both great happiness and deep sadness; they can bring us great joy, but they can also hurt us deeply.
24 I had to do was bring the cheque to the hospital to have it filled in with the total cost when I was discharged," he explains.
25 She was too embarrassed to bring it up in front of the guest.
26 Religion had to bring a softening effect upon against the violent and bestial character of the early Romans. But for us today, Machiavelli writes, religion has to serve the opposite purpose.
27 Use this philosophy in all aspects of your life to bring everything into harmony.
28 We share a desire to have our community thrive, improve the arts and culture, find ways to bring in more jobs," Moore said in an interview.
29 This scandal may well bring the president down at the next election.
30 You will bring the blame of others upon yourself if you fail in this.