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breathed in a sentence

121. original Bloom County artwork from Breathed now hangs in the bookstore.

122. As of January 2018, Breathed has produced ten children's picture books.

123. A better, kindhearted or more simple, unassuming man never breathed."

124. Dolly Sods Wilderness, West Virginia: View from atop Breathed Mountain.

125. It is given by injection into a vein or muscle or breathed in as a mist.

126. Portnoy is a character in Berke Breathed's comic strip Bloom County.

127. Breathed’s Battery was heavily engaged at the battle on the next day.

128. Rosebud Enterprises is also the name of Breathed's personal business.

129. and therefore, when he breathed out his soul, he said, IT IS FINISHED;

130. "We lived, ate, and breathed music together away from all distractions."

131. The strip was the predecessor to Breathed's famous Bloom County comic.

132. Undoubtedly, intervention breathed new life into the Victorian ALP."

133. USC historian Al Wesson remarked, "Howard lived and breathed football.

134. it surrendered, and breathed its last in the hands of the Irish hero.

135. Vasilii met the three beggars on the way, who breathed on the letter.

136. These harmful chemicals are breathed in both by smokers and bystanders.

137. original Bloom County artwork from Breathed now hangs in the bookstore.

138. Bill the Cat currently appears on Breathed's personal Facebook page.

139. The Jamadar followed up the stroke and Badan Chandra breathed his last.

140. O'Brien breathed with the support of an iron lung for much of his life.

141. Marland breathed new life into ever-distraught heroine Barbara Ryan.

142. Some of the crowd breathed in the powder, causing respiratory problems.

143. Ram breathed last on 25 February 2018 in Ram Manohar Lohia hospital.

144. He repeated this action until he breathed one hundred and eight times.

145. I breathed again and changed position and put up the safety catch."

146. I obeyed: and, in passing, I noticed he breathed as fast as a cat.

147. I cupped the deers muzzle in my hand and breathed into its hot mouth.

148. Both heads breathed, played and simultaneously lapped milk from bowls.

149. Marius' eyelids did not open; but his half-open mouth still breathed.

150. sunburnt grass breathed a harvest breath of dry sweetness and content.