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breathed in a sentence

61. He is said to have breathed fire and smelled of sulfur.

62. First woman took the baby and breathed on her four times.

63. and his nose and nostrils breathed in the air freely;

64. Breathed planned to focus on writing children's books.

65. The scheme breathed the spirit of the Renaissance;

66. Breathed's battery, 9 tents, 2 horses, 3 1\2 sets harness;

67. In 1980, this award was given to Berkeley Breathed.

68. She breathed on old Mosaku and he was frozen to death.

69. Ramdas Swami breathed his last at Sajjangad in 1681.

70. Breathed has stated that Dallas was based on a real person.

71. For me, Oasis had breathed life back into rock 'n' roll."

72. Stephan Pastis would do well to follow Breathed's lead.

73. Lopez certainly breathed new life into the Commerce Clause.

74. and ST. CUTHBERT (Our blest Redeemer, ere He breathed).

75. Lewis said that myths were "lies breathed through silver".

76. The arrival of the railroad breathed life into Roverud.

77. She hid underwater and breathed through a tule reed.

78. The able Dalawa breathed his last in the year 1756.

79. I breathed the aroma of the swaying shoreline willows.

80. In 1963, Lyman Hall breathed new life into the library.

81. Usually, air is breathed in and out through the nose.

82. Mr. Vijay Bose breathed his last succumbing to old age.

83. He commented about it: "I lived and breathed boxing.

84. On 9 November 1992, he breathed his last in Chennai.

85. It was court martial if we breathed a word about the job.

86. Dixon breathed "Ah-h" stepping toward the "cubist queen".

87. Is that all you have to say?" "No!" breathed Loder.

88. I'm not sure I breathed during the next several minutes.

89. I breathed in huge mouthfuls of the frigid winter air.

90. I thought you wore glasses, Potter?" breathed Greyback.