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breathed in a sentence

1. I breathed the spirit of freedom;

2. He scarcely breathed.

3. It breathed life.

4. On 15 October 1918, he breathed his last.

5. Breathed set Bloom County in a small town.

6. Breathed decided to end the strip in 1989.

7. Breathed has said that he is an atheist.

8. -not long our air they breathed;

9. One lived and breathed.

10. He breathed heavily and coughed all night.

11. I've lived and breathed with children.

12. ˳ breath (l̥ = breathed l).

13. she lived and breathed it every moment.

14. He then breathed life into them.

15. The first air I breathed.

16. they have breathed American air;

17. How the animal breathed is uncertain.

18. He breathed his last on 23 January 1968.

19. God breathed his spirit into Adam.

20. Sila breathed life into the Inuit.

21. Growing up he lived and breathed hockey.

22. "I must have breathed in what was left!"

23. a dim anguish Breathed from her look!

24. 1939 breathed new life into the program.

25. “He lived and breathed Cornell.

26. He breathed his last in 1902.

27. She ate, slept and breathed training.

28. While some sweet plaint he breathed;

29. Breathed forth by F.Q. (London, 1640).

30. Gadsby breathed hard.