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both jaws in a sentence

1. All piranhas have a single row of sharp teeth in both jaws.

2. It had 3 premolars and 3 molars in both jaws.

3. There are eight pairs of teeth in both jaws.

4. All piranhas have a single row of sharp teeth in both jaws.

5. The surgery might involve one jaw or both jaws concurrently.

6. There are around 34 tooth rows in either side of both jaws;

7. their shapes are similar in both jaws.

8. Both jaws have a set of very small teeth.

9. It also had large pairs of incisors in both jaws.

10. There are 11–13 tooth rows in either half of both jaws.

11. The tooth rows number 24–25 in both jaws.

12. The deep furrows at the corners of the mouth extend onto both jaws.

13. The mouth is short with furrows at the corners on both jaws.

14. There are furrows at the corners of the mouth on both jaws.

15. they are similar in both jaws, and between sexes.

16. The teeth are small, sharp, and of similar shape in both jaws.

17. Both jaws are laden with sharp, long and pointed teeth.

18. There is villiform (brush-like) teeth in both jaws.

19. They have prominent canine-like teeth in the front of both jaws;

20. The teeth in both jaws are fused into beak-like plates.

21. Both jaws are densely packed with sharp teeth;

22. Both jaws have posterior teeth that slant slightly toward the back.

23. The snout is blunt with tiny, sharp teeth in both jaws.

24. conical teeth are present in both jaws.

25. It has well developed teeth in both jaws.

26. The teeth number around 18 rows in both jaws;

27. The teeth are conical and are present in double rows on both jaws.

28. It has two rows of sharp canine-like teeth on both jaws.

29. He had one esophagus, connected to the mouth with both jaws.

30. The jaws and teeth are nearly equally developed on both jaws.