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both capitalism in a sentence

1. Many anarcho-communists began to see a need for revolutionary violence to counteract the violence inherent in both capitalism and government.

2. Revolution, described as a "truly national revolution, essentially pragmatic", meant "the repudiation of both capitalism and communism".

3. Leo had argued that both capitalism and communism are flawed.

4. Trotskyists regard themselves as working in opposition to both capitalism and Stalinism.

5. second, he praised the Chinese Cultural Revolution as an alternative to both capitalism and Stalinism;

6. This work criticised popular Marxist thought and gave a pessimistic account of the limits of both capitalism and socialism.

7. Peronism can be described as a third position ideology as it rejects both capitalism and communism.

8. The SRP also advocated Europe, led by a reunited German Reich, as a "third force" against both capitalism and communism.

9. The IPB was opposed to both capitalism and communism.

10. He was critical of both capitalism and communism, and critical of Karl Marx's view of dialectical materialism as the only truth.

11. The Green Book rejects both capitalism and communism, as well as representative democracy.

12. Like other Islamist groups, HT texts describe Islam as an alternative economic system to both capitalism and communism and superior to both.

13. Supporters of PROUT (Proutists) claim that the theory exposes and overcomes the limitations of both capitalism and communism.

14. The theory claims to overcome the limitations of both capitalism and communism.

15. WSA believes that both capitalism and state socialism are based on the submission and exploitation of the working class.

16. GIP opposes both capitalism and communism.

17. In her opinion, women and men should stand equally against both capitalism and sexism to achieve radical social reorganisation.

18. Ortega y Alamino was critical of both capitalism and communism.

19. He produced sequels to both Capitalism and Seven Kingdoms, and had stated that he planned to follow up with further releases in the series.

20. Both capitalism and communism in their raw forms had failed, they argued.

21. In its political manifesto, it criticized both Capitalism and Communism.

22. Critics praised the video's imagery and found it critical of both capitalism and the pharmaceutical industry.

23. Which he believed would replace both capitalism and communism.

24. In it they declared themselves against both capitalism and Marxism, the regime advocated the finding of a third way.

25. Batra predicted that both capitalism and communism would collapse around the year 2000.

26. Leo opposes both capitalism's infringement on the family and socialism's call for common ownership.

27. Participism is intended as an alternative to both capitalism and centrally-planned state socialism.

28. His works are popular among alternative socialist groups who criticize both capitalism and the Soviet system.

29. The clerks complain to each other about 'the system' meaning both capitalism and their own particular bank's ethos.

30. They emphasised the ideology of the Third Position, which they presented as being opposed to both capitalism and Marxist-oriented socialism.